23 thoughts on “Calling Leftists “Liberal””

  1. Start at leftist, move right to totalitarian freaks and then communist/facist – which desire the same end, through different means

      1. There are some honest democrats, I suppose….Not in any legislature, of course…but somewhere.

        1. There are a lot of well meaning Democrats who are in the party due to the default of cultural elitism, identify with the slogans of things Democrats say they are against, identify against the bigoted stereotypes Democrats have for other people, agreeableness, and being gullible.

          Bezmenov called them useful idiots and they are used by the sociopaths, psychopaths, and deviants that control the party.

          But you know all this and so should anyone who has voted in two presidential elections but IMO, that just shows the power of identity politics and Cultural Marxism.

        2. That type of Democrat is as scarce these days as a unicorn, the Lock Ness Monster, or Bigfoot.

  2. Remember the old quip by Voltaire: “The Holy Roman Empire is neither Holy, nor Roman nor an Empire” ?

    They are neither Liberal, nor Progressive nor the Friend of the Poor.

    1. Right.
      But they are liars.
      What is better word for them other than the lying stupid cesspool of the Left.
      You can also called them Marxists or communists or CAGWers-
      as they normally pretend to believe such idiotic beliefs.

          1. I believe those are the two identity types he claims are the distillates of Critical Race Theory.

        1. I thought “dicks and assholes” was from Team America, but then the context may be wrong.

  3. Leftists are rapists at heart. They have to violate you, violate your privacy, violate your boundaries, etc. They have to do it to feel alive. All the noises they make are human speech sounfing rationalizations for their drive to dominate people.

    1. But they are created/manufactured- brainwashed rather than been
      As Scott Adam says a society needs some degree of brainwashing.

      One could say there is a need to develop helpful habits- or it’s easier, if one instills what one could broadly call “good manners”.

      They are the product of defective educational system- and this system is caused and maintained by teacher unions.

      It’s not just old and ineffective assemble line of making poor products- it’s also got a lot totalitarian insanity involved.
      And it is the institutional racism, some are searching for.
      And white privilege is the degree of school choice available- but there is not a lot choice available even to the rich, it is uniformly, a shit sandwich.

    2. Rape isn’t about sex, it is about power.

      Take homogamy, it isn’t enough that you don’t care what other people do, you must be made to participate.

  4. More from those evil leftist “masterminds”:

    “AOC says she wants ‘to abolish our carceral system’
    ‘I want to abolish our carceral system that’s designed to trap Black and Brown men,’ Ocasio-Cortez said

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., said she wants to “abolish” the U.S. carceral system during a campaign event for Ohio congressional candidate Nina Turner on Saturday.

    “I want to abolish our carceral system that’s designed to trap Black and Brown men,” the democratic socialist told a rally of Turner supporters in Cleveland. “I want justice. I want peace, and I want prosperity. That’s what I want.”


    I was surprised that “carceral” is apparently actually a legitimate word:


    And that she used it correctly in a sentence. Almost like listening to a parrot speak; never know what will come next out of those big red lips. Abolish prisons let all the prisoners go free; then we will have “peace”, “prosperity”, and “justice”. Can’t wait until she replaces Nancy Pelosi as House speaker and maybe later on runs for president.

    1. The problem is that we have too many people in prison. The metric used to judge this problem is prison population. The answer is to let people out of prison. According to the metric, our problem is solved. There will be less people in prison and by extension that means less crimes are being committed.

      The other problem is that people are committing more crimes. There are two metrics we use to judge that problem, arrests and prison population. We already solved the problem of having too high a prison population and that points to the solution for the other metric, arrests. The answer is so simple that it is surprising no one has thought about it before the Democrats. We just stop arresting people and there are two methods to do this. The first method is to get rid of crimes through altering laws and the second, is to just stop enforcing laws.

      By the metrics of prison population and arrests, our country magically becomes safe and just. You might notice an uptick of non-crime direct actions like loss of property, untimely death at the hands of another person, and unwanted sexual penetration but you also might just be a racist Nazi.

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