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  1. He says Murray doesn’t really offer a solution to the data he dumps at our feet. Well, the movie “Get Out” offered an obvious fix. Put white people’s brains, or at least their frontal lobes (the movie wasn’t quite clear on the surgical procedures) into black bodies. That way we’ll still have diversity and excellent athletes, along with high achievement and low crime rates.

    1. “Brain, brain, brain! What’s is Brain? We have Controller!!”
      (the movie wasn’t quite clear on the surgical procedures)
      “It’s so easy, so simple. A child could do it! A child could do it!”
      -Dr. Leonard McCoy.

  2. “With a note of hope, he reports that the gap steadily narrowed between 1970 and 1980. But he also asks us to notice that the gap has, from 1990 onwards, stubbornly refused to diminish further no matter what policy interventions have been brought to bear.”

    It’s as though one is to imagine the policy interventions could be helpful.
    Let’s try school choice for Blacks, but also for everyone.

    1. Yeah. There is some genetic component to intelligence but most people are in the middle and as an individual, hard work and good choices make a big difference, while looking at society, good parents, culture, and societal expectations also make a big difference.

      The USA is also very mixed race and immigrants from Africa perform better than our native population. How many people in the USA are “pure” anything? Even your typical white person is likely made up from different populations. IMO, it is a cultural problem. Many black people in the USA are steeped in a culture that glorifies crime and drugs as a cool lifestyle. Combine that with broken families and bad schools and you get where we are at. Intelligence manifests itself in a different way. How many people think that a stupid person could run an organized crime cartel?

      School choice, cultural change, and expecting the same thing out of all people regardless of color would all go a long way to eliminating the disparities that exist. That school choice is an issue shows the cultural changes are underway but they need nourished.

  3. “One of the reasons Kendi does not frankly set out the legal and policy proposals required to instantiate true equality is that they are unlikely to be welcomed, even by those who participate willingly in the present ​​Sturm und Drang.”

    Ahh but they don’t want equality, they want equity. Equity comes from punishing certain groups and rewarding certain groups and is part of Social Justice, where justice can’t happen without people being punished. So, if they say that black people were slaves for N hundred years, it likely means that they want their own slaves for the same amount of years. That is equity.

    Don’t even bother trying to look at it rationally or point out contradictions because that just makes you a racist.

    1. … it likely means that they want their own slaves for the same amount of years.

      You really think they’d give up their slaves after N hundred years? You charming optimist.

      1. No one ever asks what their ideal society looks like in its end state and they can’t answer because the revolution is never supposed to end.

        1. It looks like Zimbabwe, and the US is already on a downhill slide to become a turd world society.

          If you accept even half of the facts in Murray’s book, then racism is sane position. Racism does not always equal hate.

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