13 thoughts on “Science and Math Are Racist”

  1. Science and math are likely the least racist things humans will ever encounter. Math doesn’t care about your skin color. Math doesn’t care about your gender. Some people approach math and recoil because popularity, social status games, money, and any other bullshit can’t get you to the right answer. The only thing that will get you to the answers is understanding what you’re doing and consistency.

    Other people approach math (and the hard subjects) and find a refuge more constant than any other human construction: Because it *doesn’t matter* if you’re hated; It doesn’t matter if your teacher marks you down! It doesn’t matter if you end up facing a firing squad or the inquisition: No one can take away what you’ve seen in your minds eye, that you’re *right*, and that you’ve understood.

    Math is the birthright of all thinking beings. Hypothetical aliens in hypothetical universes with no causal connection to our own would see the same Platonic “mathematical sky”. To anyone being convinced that “math is racist”, the people telling you this are not your friends: They’re trying to convince you to abandon the pursuit of an ability that is entirely independent – that depends on no ones wealth or favor.

    1. Wonderfully put.
      I vowed never to donate to my alma mater, the University of Northern Colorado, when for my graduation in 1990 they “uninvited” Linda Chavez as our commencement speaker. A very small, but vocal group of Hispanic student objected to her because she had been a part of the Official English movement. The university president caved and brought in some blowhard from a Hispanic organization to lecture everyone on tolerance while at the same time implying that Chavez shouldn’t couldn’t be tolerated because she’s a racist. I took my diploma, got the hell out of there, and have never looked back.

    2. H. Beam Piper’s Omnilingual(1957) SF story put it simply: Mathematics is a Universal Rosetta Stone.

    3. Math doesn’t care about your skin color.
      Skin color is irrelevant to the fact that Math is racist. In fact 4’s are the most symbolically racist numeral of all. Therefore henceforth all calculations will be performed RADIX FOUR (I won’t even insult the readership by actually typing the IV character), to eliminate the racist symbolism altogether….

      1. Oh, and don’t get me started on the racist symbology behind the unit vectors. THOSE simply MUST GO….

  2. “It’s difficult to figure out how to surface and unpack the ways that mathematics, for example is a harbor for whiteness,” Ball stated.

    I bet it is. It’s almost like you have to make it up.

    1. When the Ancient Babylonians, Mayan, Chinese and others were using mathematics to plot the heavens and build things they would have been astounded to know that they were exhibiting “Whiteness”.

      1. I wonder if this twit has ever even heard of Srinivasa Ramanujan, a mathematical prodigy from India whose landmark works would have gone unnoticed had not G.H. Hardy and J.E. Littlewood, two (archetypally white) British mathematicians had not read correspondence from him, and arranged for him to come to Cambridge. Hardy, himself a renowned mathematician, said of Ramanujan that he had “never met his equal, and can compare him only with Euler or Jacobi”.

        Mathematics and mathematical physics have taken years to catch up with Ramanujan’s brilliant contributions. And two honkeys greased the skids.

  3. Science and math are elitist in that if you’re too dumb you can’t learn them. Which leads to the interesting speculation that Democratic elitists think racial minorities are dumb.

  4. Why is this person using “whiteness” as a synonym for “intelligence,” “logic,” “honesty,” “achievement,” “reason,” and “civilization”? She must have a very low opinion of people who aren’t white. I think there’s a name for that …

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