6 thoughts on “The Forever War”

  1. It doesn’t seem to occur to the author that this isn’t our responsibility. We got involved in these places because of 9/11. Maybe it’s time to settle down.

    1. “But the best-case scenario is an illusion. Why? Because the war isn’t over. Afghanistan is just one front in a global conflict that the United States did not initiate and cannot wish away. ”

      We can ignore them but that doesn’t mean they will ignore us. What do do about Islamism? There are a lot of Americans who defend Islamism out of Progressive Marxist ideals and prefer we capitulate but that doesn’t solve any problems. The status quo prior to the botched evacuation didn’t solve problems either. The main problem is that a solution requires Islamists to want to change, and they don’t want to.

      1. Sadly, the easiest solution is to go isolationist, stop protecting free trade on the high seas, and watch as the rest of the planet burns itself down. All of the problem areas would face famine, which would keep them far too busy to be making much mischief in CONUS.

        I don’t like that solution, but it increasingly looks like the most likely outcome.

    1. No, the Taliban can start pushing their rule into neighboring countries and we would probably not want to spend money and blood to reactivate the forever war.

  2. I believe in the unique efficacy of force. We didn’t leave it for the “people of Afghanistan” to determine how they wanted to rule themselves. The people with the guns and the will made that determination. And in this situation that was the Taliban. They are imposing their will upon those who don’t want them as rulers. And we see in the case of North Korea that the unique efficacy of force means that those who have the gun can remain in power indefinitely.

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