5 thoughts on “The Journalistic BS Detector”

    1. I like the second one. I think also this casual attitude towards verification indicates their opinion of their readership.

      Feed them the best.

  1. Who cares if it’s true or not? As long as enough people believe it. By the time those people open their eyes, a new generation comes along and the cycle repeats indefinitely. Until it doesn’t, but that’ll be long after we’re all gone.

    And it works, until it doesn’t, and then it all comes crashing down. Same goes for a lot in politics.

    The trick in the con is to be long gone when it all crashes. However, we’re near that inflection point where it all crashes.

  2. “Peer Review” journalism for the story’s reporter. Note how incestuous the media can be:
    [Katelyn Ogle Bio]: “…She is the granddaughter of the late Jack Ogle, one of Oklahoma’s most famous broadcast journalists and member of the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame.

    Her father, Kevin Ogle, and uncle, Kent Ogle, are anchors at KFOR-TV, while her sister, Abigail Ogle, is an anchor and reporter for the local ABC affiliate. Her other uncle, Kelly Ogle, is an anchor at the local CBS affiliate.”

    “May the Force Nepotism be with you, Always.” –fractured Star Wars saying

    1. “The witch doctors of the tribe must come from the family of witch doctors or if there remains only one, upon deathbed conversion of an acolyte, during Eyewitness News.”

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