5 thoughts on “The Kardashian Butt”

  1. I know that some guys like big butts, but this has gotten out of hand. I don’t find Kardashian butts attractive in the least. It’s more ipecac than aphrodisiac.

  2. I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st.
    I seriously had not heard of this nuttery.

    What next; foot-long noses?

  3. It’s not as extreme as the ‘bound feet’ of the Chinese harem (they also had a habit of growing impractically long finger nails…). The Mayans used to strap boards to growing children’s heads to (deform) “change” the skull shape…

    As long as it is limited to “informed adults” then *shrug* let them do it. Like other plastic surgery it can be a quick journey through the “Uncanny Valley” to a body form that is more Alien (like the movie) than aesthetic.

  4. “Baby got back.” Anything else is racist. Y’dig?

    Years ago, sitting in some sewer with my coworkers, the topic came up over whether one was a tit man, a leg man, or an ass man. When my turn came, I said, “I don’t fuck tits, legs, and asses, so I guess I’m a pussy man.” Got some odd looks. (I did know that some men do fuck tits and asses, but really? What’s the point?)

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