8 thoughts on “Masks Are Here To stay”

  1. I wonder how well Biden’s mask mandate will do in court when he exempted the US Postal Service? If the emergency is so important that executive authority is needed to mandate injections into people, then shouldn’t it be necessary for all to get such an injection.

    I won’t say something silly like “explain the science”, because someone might note that many USPS workers work outside, get plenty of sunshine, and thus likely have a healthy immunity system. But not all of them do. USPS workers do get sick. And worse, they visit every home and business. Then there are other government and contractor employees that work outdoors and are not exempt, so the science part doesn’t really make a lot of sense. It is more like a political science than immunological science.

  2. I’ve noticed something interesting in the last few days–mask use had dropped off drastically here since the state mandate ended in March, but recently it’s been picking up in stores, but a *lot* of people are wearing them under their nose or under the mouth, which didn’t happen much previously.

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