19 thoughts on “The Attack On Larry Elder”

  1. A black politician gets attacked by a Democrat in a gorilla mask while her comrade says, “Boy, I’m going to skull f you.” not even Fox will tell the whole story so why would anyone else mention it?

    It would be improper to put this on TV.

  2. Pro-liberty people still don’t seem to get it. There is no reciprocity between what the left gets media support from vs the right. Yes, it’s hypocritical, it’s deceitful and it’s dishonest. Which pretty much describes the tool set of the left these days.

    This will continue until the pro-liberty folks start matching what the left has been doing the last 50 years – vigorously protesting, occupying leftist newsrooms and newspapers and even, perhaps even breaking some windows. In the words of a famous conservative – “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.”

  3. Huh? When did this happen?

    I’m being sarcastic.

    This will NEVER be allowed to be “news” by our media masters. After all, Democrats are ALLOWED to do this sort of thing, especially when the target is a white superprimist.

  4. Why not just say it? The main stream media are racists. They only cover stories that further their cause, and if that means mentioning a person’s race by looking at the general color of their skin; then they’ll make the judgement call. Judging people by character isn’t what they do, because if they did Brian Williams wouldn’t still be on the air, to pick a random name of a known liar.

    1. “Judging people by character isn’t what they do, because if they did Brian Williams wouldn’t still be on the air, to pick a random name of a known liar.”

      Known liar (evil) or known idiot (incompetent):

      “Brian Williams, NYT’s Gay criticized over math flub: ‘Saddest clip in TV history'”


      Yes, I know Leland…he could easily be both; to me he is an entitled moron with just the right face talking head. Bet the film crew that he no doubt lords it over like a prima donna could barely conceal their contemptuous snickers listening to this.

  5. I don’t think this is going to an honest election. If come election night it looks like Larry Elder might pull this off expect magical votes to appear in the dead of night (or in the days following) in just the right precincts in just the correct numbers to prevent it… Trump in 2016 took them by surprise they won’t be as easily surprised again; they will Stacy Abrams him if need be.

    1. Already video of people stealing large numbers of ballots, so you are right, it wont be an honest election.

      1. Fire up the presses and print out another 23 million pre-filled ballots with the envelope holes that show “throw away this ballot”
        filled in?

        Gee, if we only ran the US Mint like we do our elections, we could all be millionaires!

    2. Nah Tim, it is not dishonest, it is incompetence. Don’t start judging people now. After all, you apologized for Hugo Chavez; why not Newsom?

      1. ” After all, you apologized for Hugo Chavez; why not Newsom?”

        Okay Leland my apologies for them:

        “Does anybody here still think these people (the Biden administration) are evil mastermind genius’s? Or are we finally accepting that they are incompetent fu%ku$’s who could find a way to burn water making tea? And then decide it was the tea’s fault; or that the water was somehow sabotaged by subversive conservative Trump supporters”


        On AOC:

        “I was surprised that “carceral” is apparently actually a legitimate word. And that she used it correctly in a sentence. Almost like listening to a parrot speak; never know what will come next out of those big red lips. Abolish prisons let all the prisoners go free; then we will have “peace”, “prosperity”, and “justice”. Can’t wait until she replaces Nancy Pelosi as House speaker and maybe later on runs for president.”


        On Chavez:

        “Well if wrecking the economy of Venezuela was his master plan Leland than I stand corrected; he was a freaking genius.”

        Bernie Saunders:

        “President lord help us Bernie Sanders would have been incompetent to implement just about any kind of economic plan. The fact that he is a hard-core lefty socialist(communist) re-distribute the wealth rich people can pay for everything and not even miss it just ask Brian Williams, is not necessarily coincidental to his ineptness. They correlate nicely with each other not at all mutually exclusive.”


  6. “I’ll have them … voting Democratic for two hundred years.” LBJ

    There’s always a bigger baddy. Media by definition are sold out.

  7. The media is implicitly blaming Elder for the attack. The LA Times used a photo that looks as if Elder is slapping a (white) woman and captioned it “LAPD is investigating altercation involving Larry Elder at Venice homeless encampment”.

  8. I think that Tim (that’s not me) is right — this is not going to be an honest election.

    We saw the last one. It happened years ago, now, never to return.

    This republic, alas, is dead.

    1. Just becaause they may be incompetent doesn’t mean that crooks can’t make crooked things happen — they have the lying media to help cover up their stupidity and the crimes. And even if they are idiots, and they are, they can commit those crimes, and get away with them. They have already.

    2. “I think that Tim (that’s not me) is right — this is not going to be an honest election. This republic, alas, is dead.”

      Despair is a sin…it (this Republic) may be on life support but it isn’t dead yet. Let people see around the country see how corrupt/biased this California election what with ballot stuffing and the like and let us see how it impacts more voting laws passed in other states. Let’s face it California is lost for the forseeable future even if Elder somehow wins; he would face an insanely hostile legislature/media/Hollywood etc dedicated to his undermining. The left would go insane at the idea of losing (even partially) their flagship state that they wish to turn the whole country into. Let people see how utterly incompetent the Biden administration is (maybe Biden’s resignation for reasons of health by years end). Another reason why I emphasize incompetence over evil is that the former is far more pervasive and equally importantly much easier to prove. It is so much easier to prove that the bus driver who repeatedly drives the bus into a ditch is a merely a very bad driver than that he “meant to”; even if you suspected as much.

  9. After watching the video several time I’m convinced this was a staged attack. Meant to induce a brawl between the muscle likely hired by the organizers of the attack and Elder’s security team in time for the Nightly News. Had cameras not been there this would never had happened. Fortunately Elder’s team did not take the bait. If LA County had a functional justice system we’d find out who paid for the attack.

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