14 thoughts on “California’s War On Bacon”

  1. This latest ban clearly is not endearing Californians to the rest of the country. One commenter said, “Enjoy your Beggin Strips!” Another commenter went even further: “Enjoy your Beyond Meat fake bacon with cat-food ingredients.”
    Rand, better keep an eye on your kittens. Don’t let them become known as “free range” cats…. Ingredients are ingredients after all…

  2. Pull up and leave? Or actually fight to stop the idiotic overreach of a small number of especially lunatic democratic representatives?

      1. It might help if the state stopped mailing out ballots to everyone for easy curbside pickup. When your ballot is treated like junk mail you’re in trouble. But it saves the DNC tons of money not having to campaign as much (or at all).

      1. Immigrant refugees for Chilmark, Siasconset, Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, Carmel, Palm Springs, Stamford. Did I leave out any welcoming communities?

  3. I love it when states choose to experiment, and allow the rest of us to see unintended consequences in action. It’s should be educational.

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