3 thoughts on “Angelo Codevilla”

  1. Bummer.

    But what is most sad, is that his loss is felt only among those who read and understood him.

    His work was remarkably clairvoyant.

  2. Angelo Codevilla was Jerry Pournelle’s graduate student at Pepperdine University when Jerry ran the Pepperdine Research Institute after leaving aerospace and political campaigns.
    Codevilla was a man of great knowledge, high character, and intellectual integrity. He was an excellent analyst and writer. During the last decade of the Cold War, he took some principled positions much hated by the national security Deep State. I have been re-reading some of his books and articles while researching a history of how the Cold War was won and key players who forged the high-leverage strategies and led the path to victory. Angeleo Codevilla will be missed in this period of political conflict and Cold War II with China.

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