12 thoughts on “Masking Kids”

  1. When it comes to vaccinating children, Pfizer and Moderna ought to be looking closely at what happened with Purdue Pharma. These are lawsuits waiting to happen, and they *always* follow the money. Unless of course, they get injunctive relief by the Biden Administration.

    Science, of course, and as in the case of the RoundUp litigation, will have little to do with it. It’s all about the children.*

    *And their parents need for “reciprocal” damages.

    1. Might as well set aside a few billion now, like Monsanto, to acquiesce in the future and look like you are an ethical and caring pharma.

  2. Ah, NRO, bravely fighting what they voted for.

    I’m surprised anyone is still taken in by their failure theater shtick.

  3. “…and data suggest that cloth masks are ineffective at best.”

    Data establish that double-layer cloth masks increase the risk of becoming infected by 380% compared to not wearing a mask at all.

  4. I dunno. Anything that would keep them from drooling snot all over the place is worth a try. Maybe if we keep them in a sealed wine barrel and feed them through the bung until they’re eighteen? (Yes, I am a parent, although my son is currently 47.)

    1. That’s my point – when you’re sniffling, sneezing, aching, stuffy head, fever and want to rest (plenty of time for that when you’re dead…), then yeah, MTFU. Otherwise it’s a pointless exercise (unless you’re immunocompromised, in which case why are you out and about?), so don’t. Easy as that.

  5. One thing that’s unsettling about this all is that if there is a backlash, it’s probably going to set the entire field of biochemistry back just as the tools and techniques are becoming incredibly powerful.
    There are now microscopic affordable (to hobbyists even!) gene-sequencers that can handle hundreds of kilo-basepairs. Companies that you can send off to to fabricate plasmids to order with almost whatever genes you want in them.

    And here on the verge of this revolution, microbiology scientists are going to end up social pariahs, seen as enablers of totalitarian tyranny or ticking time-bombs who at any moment might go off and cook up a new worldwide disease.

    Because some fucks in China decided to use this great power for evil (with $%#!ing DARPA funding no less!), and the western political-aristocracy decided to launch their bid for 1984 last year, I imagine there will be some horrible backlash that could see all the potential good we could do with this technology strangled in the cradle. Similar to the aborted nuclear revolution, which, had it gone through, no one would be talking about CO2 today or associating energy with any kind of scarcity.

    1. Of course, if there *isn’t* a backlash, humanity will end up being managed, monitored, and bred, and experimented on like cattle by a microscopic sociopath aristocracy.

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