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  1. What is happening in Idaho?

    Are things really that grim in that Western land of vaccine denial?

    Or is the press putting a “spin” on this?

    I am not seeing big differences in the current ramp in cases in Idaho and COVID deaths with other states, but maybe to an engineer, the change would have to be by a least a factor of two to stand out from the statistical noise?

    1. WTF did this article have to do with Idaho? The state wasn’t even mentioned in it, nor were vaccines – of any kind. Did you post this in response to a different post?

      1. Chill, brother-man.

        The linked article is about political divisiveness in American culture.

        There is a full-scale news blitz about how terrible conditions are in Idaho, with the unthinkable happening of a full-blown WW-I style medical triage taking place in hospitals, because the Idaho dude bros won’t get vaccinated.

        This is a “full-court press” where every science-related and weather-related story in the media has to work Climate Change in there someplace.

        I am asking whether there is in reality a full-blown medical crisis in the State of Idaho, or is the reporting more evidence on what is stoking the divisiveness.

    1. “It seems to be that we have alarm bells going off all around us. The oddity is that so few people seem to hear them. ”

      Everyone needs a religion.
      Everyone has a religion.
      The end of world is common thing in religions.

      Ie, somehow we going to die from warming caused CO2 levels.
      {though we living in an Ice Age}
      But generally if study history, you see patterns- one must see
      patterns as no other way to study anything without seeing patterns.
      You see the signs and predict the future by using the signs, ie typical shaman stuff since beginning time.
      What do you do when faced with evil.


        1. No one predicts the future.
          Even the corrupt IPCC says they are projections. rather than predictions.
          But since they are always wrong, they kind of have to say this

  2. Try this scenario on for size as an example of how Democracy dies. Right before the November ’22 elections there is some kind of Intel about a massive terrorist attack due to happen on Election Day. Maybe said Intel is legit maybe it isn’t. The Dems in Congress know they are facing a massive tsunami of voter dissatisfaction. The Dems/Biden declare an indefinite delay/moratorium on the upcoming election for reasons of “national security”, first as a Presidential maybe later approved by Congress (narrowly) or maybe not. Current congressional and POTUS terms to be extended indefinitely. Not say sufficient votes in Congress to override Biden’s veto of his presidential order if they did vote against it. It is of course challenged in federal courts finally winding its way to SCOTUS; the dems anticipating this finally stack the courts. The newly stacked SCOTUS declares said moratorium “Constitutional” because of the declared “State of Emergency”; so what happens after that?

      1. “They’ll have to hustle if they want to stack the SCOTUS in time. Primaries for the mid-term election begin in 5 months in many states.”

        Even if the were “primaried out” in ~5 months that would only mean they wouldn’t be re-elected. They would still have the balance of their term until Jan ’23 to stack SCOTUS; that would be when the next Congress is seated. They might do that as a kind of parting shot; and up-yours to Trump and the Republicans.

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