6 thoughts on “Food Myths”

  1. So, add smoking as a prophylactic against Covid-19, and Woody Allan’s “Sleeper” becomes a prophesy. It was a comedy, but it now appears the joke was on us.

    My dad was concerned about his cholesterol and tried outlier ideas one of which was to eat a lot of eggs–I believe six a day. The idea being that the liver produces the cholesterol to make up for lack of cholesterol eaten. Anyway, after doing this for a while he had his cholesterol level checked and it had actually gone down. So he shared with his doctor how he accomplished that, and his doctor said… “Stop eating eggs.”

    1. I believe that. Most doctors apparently don’t realize, even though the literature’s there, that the body produces most of its own cholesterol, and that what you eat only makes up a fraction–15% or so? I don’t remember exactly–of what’s in your blood, and that “eat cholesterol and watch your blood levels go up” is simplistic and mostly wrong.

      1. “simplistic and mostly wrong” is an excellent descriptor of government dietary advice in general. Actually, come to think of it, it fits the entirety of government actions and advice.

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