10 thoughts on “Biden’s World”

  1. Biden, the man for behind the times.

    Kids, read a book, use your Viewmaster, or play a record, but be sure to crank it up first.

  2. The Dotard has never been a man for the times. Not the man for past time, not the man for future time, and not the man for the minute.

    1. Listening to Senator Biden’s “folksy wisdom” in the 90’s was almost physical painful. Kindergarten level solutions for knotty geopolitical conundrums. I particularly remember his fatuous statement that Iraq could just turn into three quasi-independent, loosely linked mini-states because he said so…

  3. But he (Biden) is so protected by the media, like the recent mainstream media coverage of the Arizona Audit.

    “Arizona Vote Auditors Raise Biden Total, Claim Numerous Anomalies”

    “Auditors who reviewed voting results cast in Maricopa County, Arizona, in last November’s election said Joe Biden’s vote total was 99 more than officially certified — and Donald Trump’s was 261 fewer.”

    Yes, the above covered by the media but curiously omitting:

    “But at the same time, they maintained they’d found multiple election anomalies, among them more than 17,000 duplicate ballots.

    Cyber Ninja representatives outlined their findings in a hearing before the Arizona Senate late Friday. The presentation was led by company CEO Doug Logan. One slide during the presentation indicated there were 17,322 duplicate votes.”


    No matter how many times you recount counterfeit money it remains counterfeit money.

  4. “President Biden’s biggest vulnerability isn’t any single issue. It’s the risk that he could be seen as losing control of events.”

    Huh? When has he ever been seen to be in control of events?

    1. I respectfully disagree. Every crisis we are talking about is the foreseeable consequence of actions willfully and enthusiastically taken. Even NBC’s Chuck Todd is saying this, even though it has taken him seven months to realize it.

  5. It’s not Biden who is losing control of events.

    It’s the Puppeteers who make Biden dance – THEY are losing control of events. This is because they live in a fantasy world.

  6. It’s interesting to me that–the better part of a year after the election–Dementia Joe is still saturating the air waves with campaign ads as if he were still running for office–at least here in Georgia. “Build Back Better” is one of the stupidest campaign ads ever, so dumb I can believe Biden himself came up with it.

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