2 thoughts on “A New University”

  1. This is going to run right into Scott Alexander’s witches problem. Any alternative university is going to have a tough row to hoe to become more university than alternative, because the kind of people it attracts are people who get kicked out of every other established institution. Even in 75% of those kicked are kicked for hysterical ideological reasons, you’re also going to end up with the 25% who were kicked for good reasons.

    I suppose you could say the same thing for America pre/during WWII – we got Sikorsky and Einstein, and and and. We also got pirates and bandits, and religious fanatics.

    Also, it’s going to lose any status races: The problem is that the truth is/perhaps-inevitably low status because it can’t be used for ideological dominance games.

    1. Even Elon Musk’s school lacked status in the media.

      Who the professors are doesn’t matter. Colleges are filled with professors who are weirdos, scumbags, and some, I assume, are good people. The way to get status is to earn it by producing accomplished students who do well in the job market and are competitive on the various credentials and tests used to measure preparedness and knowledge.

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