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  1. It is probably what they are teaching in schools and not the p word. They get the kids so confused that they are unable to deal with reality. A girl has short hair so her custodians tell her she is really a boy or a boy wore pink shorts and played with dolls so they tell him he is really a girl.

    Is this all just a big push to have government take over the porn industry so that only government porn is available? New story lines like no sex until you pay your taxes, BJs for turning in family members who don’t like CRT, and on and on. I suspect when the Democrat in charge starts dictating what porn is like, it will become more abusive than whatever porn that lady watches.

    Whatever the issues with the p word are, I suspect kids getting screwed up in the head comes from the schools the have a pedagogy designed to screw them up in the head rather than looking at boobies.

    1. It is kind of comical in a tear-your-hair-out sort of way. Telling a tomboy she’s really a boy, or a boy who wears pink he’s really a girl, is about as puritanical an approach to “gender stereotypes” as it gets.

      If gender is a continuum, as the Enlightened insist on telling us, why can’t they accept that a girl might be athletic and competitive, or a boy domestic and sensitive?

      1. Rather amazing how fast that changed but the contradictions are inherent to the ideology.

        Boys like blue and girls like pink only because of social forcing and if not forced, they will both like the same colors.

        Boys like colors other than blue and girls like colors other than pink shows they are really the opposite sex and social forcing is preventing them from realizing that.

    2. “It is probably what they are teaching in schools and not the p word.”

      It absolutely is, although the other thing could also be a contributing factor. Be the parent of a tomboy and you’ll see people ask her if she’s really a boy.

  2. I disagree with part of the basic premise. The idea that porn generally brutalizes women and promotes unrealistic sex comes straight out of the man-hating TERF specification and is a propaganda tool of the left. There is some brutalizing porn, but it’s a minority. It’s also true quite a bit of porn is either silly or gag-worthy (enema-porn, for example), but naturalistic cishet normative porn (primarily popular with heterosexuals) is none of those things, and in fact is a better sex ed tool than most anything else.

    The sordid fact is, most women don’t know how to give a blow job, most men don’t know how to eat pussy, and most refuse to be taught, even when a willing teacher is available. Learning those things from realistic hetero porn is better than trial and error. An awful lot of women don’t learn to masturbate until some time after they’ve started having sexual intercourse, and boys only learn first thing because it’s obvious what to do (even then, I had friends as a kid who were clearly doing it wrong).

    Even penile-vaginal intercourse takes some learning to get right, because not only do men not know their way around a pussy, most women don’t either, so don’t know how to ask for what they want, even when willing. Still, one of my fonder memories was a woman demanding, “Where did you learn to do *that*?!” and I got to say, “I learned it from The Amazing Frenchy.”

      1. How much porn have you actually seen that you can say that with authority? Much that you’ve seen may be terrible. Have you watched a thousand porn videos? I had a brother in law who collected German porn. I wouldn’t call it terrible, so much as incomprehensible. Why would anyone want to watch someone give an enema and then drink the effluent? Germans, I guess. Most porn is just close ups of genitals for people who can’t get close to real genitals. You know the main difference between masturbating while looking at a picture of a naked woman and masturbating while looking at a real naked woman, is you can usually smell the real woman. (And in my experience she can usually be talked into rendering assisstance…)

        1. I’ve seen too much porn that implies that women don’t need foreplay, particularly for anal (also, who needs lube?), and that it apparently is not possible for a guy to get it up without it being in a woman’s mouth first, with her gagging on it.

          1. First of all, this is not cinematic art, it’s a masterbation aid, and thus shold be judge in the same way as, for example, vibrators and dildos. I also think you’re watching the wrong porn, if that’s all you’re seeing. I will say I have no idea why any heterosexual would participate in anal sex, when there’s usually a perfectly good vagina handy (and it’s been 60 years since anal was a meaningful birth control option).

            As far as foreplay goes, personal experience suggests the more responsive the woman, the less foreplay she may want or need. One of the more illuminating things ever said to me by a woman was, “Will you quit doing that and start fucking me now?” Extended foreplay is yet another item from the TERF specification, interesting because Lesbian sex consists entirely of foreplay. There have been any number of arthouse movies about just that (“Manon of the Moon” springs to mind). It’s TERF article of faith that “all penetration is rape.”

            As far as not being able to get it up without being in a woman’s mouth, well there’s a pill for that has been available for 30 years. Maybe you’re watching very old porn?

    1. Rand brings up some good points. Porn isn’t reality. The question is whether or not humans are able to determine what is fantasy and what is reality like that can when consuming other media like movies, books, videos games, and the news. Media consumed does influence people but in what ways and at what scale?

      The no nut people think that porn is unfulfilling and abstaining leads to more energy, time to spend making money, and the release of hormones that makes you benefit from exercise more. Whether or not this is true, it is trying to persuade people by being positive. Telling people they, or someone they care about, will become a transvestite if they watch porn is fearmongering. You might get hairy palms! Video games make people mass murderers!

      This isn’t directed at Rand but at people who do research into this stuff, there is an element of projection in what the researchers are drawn to and then claiming that is what everyone else is drawn to when in reality, most people are not drawn to that. They want to say there is a problem with what other people watch but maybe they are struggling with what they watch.

      1. Porn isn’t reality any more than TV and movies in general are reality, if for no other reason than it’s heavily edited. So that’s like asking why the characters in an hour-long drama never stop to pee. It’s also true that, unlike most other contemporary media, porn is still market driven, which TERFs hate because they’re Marxists. They want to end market driven porn and replace it with “woke” porn.

        There’s no accounting for people’s tastes anyway. I had a friend who liked to watch videos of men masturbating into various beverages that women then drank. He and an incel friend use to watch these things and giggle like children. And he had a wife who would do whatever he wanted, which often amounted to having her pee on him. Demeaning? I guess. But to whom, and why?

        One of my exes used to like watch porn of women giving men blow jobs while giving me a blow job, which meant I got to watch a lot of tedious blow job porn. I tried to talk her into letting me eat her pussy instead of watching porn, but that evidently wasn’t the point. No idea, to this day.

        I don’t mind watching porn of women masturbating, so long as the camera stays focused on the main arena, but I never liked it when a woman would offer to masturbate in front of me. “Here, sweetie, let me help…”

  3. Porn is freedom of speech issue.
    I notice a lot children having sex step parents or parents as part
    of porn- which seems just about as mess up than just about any kind weirdness. And known women who had sex their father- and seems like quite problem. It seems boys raped men, is quite a problem.
    But it seems boys having sex with older women {not their mother} is actually a good thing. Or socially, should be encouraged.
    I tend to think public school is the larger problem, and causal of lots of other problems.

  4. Isn’t it funny how whenever we go to a county fair or a state fair, the first thing we do is see if they have some kind of pornography booth?

    — Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey

    1. The ones I went to as a kid (in the South) always had strippers, segragated into white (fat girls) and black (lithe). The audiences were always reversed for some reason (heh!). The black girls could really dance. The white girls had blonde pussies. I was twelve, so that’s all that interested me. I probably spent more time at the tractor exhibits.

    1. Funny! I wrote a story about exactly that, published in Asimov’s almost 20 years ago, called, “The Gods of a Lesser Creation.” The narrator is a human-dog-cyborg named Lassie.

  5. I believe that Bill Clinton and the media protecting him ruined sex for women. His claim of “no sexual relations with that woman”, while actually having received oral sex created a concept that oral sex is not sex or, as Whoopie Goldberg would have it, not sex sex. To some extent, they are right. Oral sex won’t lead to pregnancy, so many of the non-disease risks to intercourse sex are eliminated.

    30 years later, sodomy laws are gone. Now forced oral sex isn’t even sexual assault to some politicians in Virginia. Pron is not so much causing these trends as it is following them.

    1. You may be right. Porn is most likely to blame for women’s ridiculous pubic depilation practices. It’s not a pussy unless it has hair (unless you’re pedo). Although there are hairless cats, called sphinxes, I think. Are their people who want to pet a hairless cat? Sort of like petting a Naugahide couch.

      1. All the cool people say you aren’t practicing good hygiene unless you shave down there, because they don’t understand evolutionary biology.

        1. I’ve heard people say that, though I think covid put a big dent in waxing, at least. I’ve also run across women who use a beard trimmer on themselves. Countervailing, Laci Greene, who’s otherwise kind of a lackwit, did a video coming out against pubic depilation, and her reason was, “The hair helps men smell us.”

  6. Well Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and a host of others have already established the principle of hard core internet censorship so closing the rest of the loopholes should be easy.

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