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  1. Sure, but we still have the systematic racist caused by teacher unions- it was there long before woke showed up. And woke was created by some racists of the teacher unions. They like the abortionist who kill millions of black babies- which run “clinics” in poor communities- which are hideous places with hideous “staff”. And got teacher unions doing everything to stop school choice for people who can’t afford private school {though imagine “some” even if they can afford private school- somehow get their kids into private schools, but it’s small fraction of that public, and not vaguely easy or stress free}. Teacher union don’t even provide daycare, and certainly don’t provide education- they provide a war zone which prevents education.

  2. “The race-Marxist agenda is destined to fail, because it hurts everyone”

    Nothing is destined and nothing has changed. Progressive Marxist ideology is still the guiding ideology for Democrats and their various interest groups, like teachers.

    The Progressive Marxists won’t suddenly change their beliefs over night and policies won’t magically change. People need to take action.

    Is there hope for the future? Yes, there is a light ahead but it shows a path filled with peril that leads into shadows. The hard part is still to come.

    1. Yes, but the Marxists are also showing how deeply incompetent they are at *everything*. It may not be as long a road as you fear.

      1. The Soviet Union and China and the lesser Marxist utopias have shown that Marxists can be quite competent at some things when they set their minds to it.

        Just ask the 100 million people they killed.

  3. “When All The Media Narratives Collapse
    In case after case, the US MSM just keeps getting it wrong.”

    “Think of the other narratives the MSM pushed in recent years that have collapsed. They viciously defamed the Covington boys. They authoritatively told us that bounties had been placed on US soldiers in Afghanistan by Putin — and Trump’s denials only made them more certain. They told us that the lab-leak theory of Covid was a conspiracy theory with no evidence behind it at all. (The NYT actually had the story of the leak theory, by Donald McNeil, killed it, and then fired McNeil, their best Covid reporter, after some schoolgirls complained he wasn’t woke.) Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

    The MSM took the ludicrous story of Jussie Smollett seriously because it fit their nutty “white supremacy” narrative. They told us that a woman was brutally gang-raped at UVA (invented), that the Pulse mass shooting was driven by homophobia (untrue) and that the Atlanta spa shooter was motivated by anti-Asian bias (no known evidence for that at all). For good measure, they followed up with story after story about white supremacists targeting Asian-Americans, in a new wave of “hate,” even as the assaults were disproportionately by African Americans and the mentally ill.

    As Greenwald noted, the NYT “published an emotionally gut-wrenching but complete fiction that never had any evidence — that Officer Sicknick’s skull was savagely bashed in with a fire extinguisher by a pro-Trump mob until he died.” The media told us that an alleged transgender exposure in the Wi Spa in Los Angeles was an anti-trans hoax (also untrue). They told us that the emails recovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop were Russian disinformation.”


  4. More:

    “And so when, this week, one of Rittenhouse’s pursuers, Gaige Grosskreutz, admitted on the stand that Rittenhouse shot him only after Grosskreutz pointed his pistol directly at Rittenhouse’s head a few feet away, it came as a shock.

    Money quote from the defense lawyer: “It wasn’t until you pointed your gun at him, advanced on him, with your gun (and your hands down) pointed at him, that he fired? Right?” To which Grosskreutz answered: “Correct.” Here’s how the NYT first described this a year ago, on August 26: “Video footage from the scene of the shooting appears to show Mr. Rittenhouse running and then firing his gun, striking a man in the head. He then flees and is chased by bystanders before tripping, falling to the ground and shooting another man.”

    A day later, in another NYT piece (which I relied on at the time), here’s the account of video footage they embedded: “As Mr. Rittenhouse is running, he trips and falls to the ground. He fires four shots as three people rush toward him. One person appears to be hit in the chest and falls to the ground. Another, who is carrying a handgun [Grosskreutz], is hit in the arm and runs away.” Any sense of self-defense there? (And when you watch the full version of the same video on YouTube, you see that, for some reason, the NYT cut off the key moment showing Rittenhouse’s self-defense — the moment that proved so critical in court!)”

    Heard today that the Rittenhouse cases’ judge will allow the jury to consider finding him guilty of “lesser charges”; see how that plays out.

  5. I (unfortunately) know plenty of people who hang on every word from NPR or MSNBC, i.e. Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes etc. as if it is the word of God himself. People who think that Trump for instance is guilty of just every imaginable “super-crime” you could think of.

    1. Reading various comments from lefties on the Rittenhouse trial, it is amazing how ignorant they are. They thought he shot black people. Didn’t know he worked in Kenosha. Didn’t know he has family in Kenosha. Didn’t know he didn’t transport a gun across state lines. Didn’t know he was attacked. Didn’t know Democrat rioters had guns and used them prior and after to Rittenhouse using his.

      Something I didn’t know and haven’t verified, Rittenhouse is mixed race?

      Bicep guy was a felon with a gun, he will be charged by the local DA and the FEDs right? What about the guy who was chasing Rittenhouse and discharged his handgun? IIRC, there were Democrat rioters that actually shot at cops that night and were not charged despite overwhelming evidence. This trial is an extension of Democrat’s 2020 of using the legal system to protect and enable Democrats to burn, loot, and murder their way across the country with impunity. The only people held to account are the victims of Democrat violence who dared try and defend themselves. This wasn’t the case in a single city but across the country because this was a coordinated and organized strategy deployed at the party level.

      The FBI should be dragging the leaders of the DNC and their militant activist groups into the courts but they wont because the FBI was also an active participant on the side of the Democrats.

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