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  1. I signed up, and will now receive “the most exiting [sic]” news on the subject.

    Good for Peter, though. This is, if not “exiting”, at least exciting.

  2. The economic value of targeting aging
    by Andrew J. Scott, Martin Ellison & David A. Sinclair


    “The authors have calculated that just one year of average lifespan extension done the “Peter Pan way” – i.e., by slowing aging – will bring the US economy a benefit of 38 trillion dollars, and a 10-year gain would be a staggering 370 trillion. This is an order of magnitude larger than the previous estimates done by LD theorists. The main reason is that, according to the paper, there is a positive feedback loop at play: when we slow aging, older people stay healthier for longer, which means they value the next extension of their healthy lifespan even more. On top of that, the proportion of older people in the population grows, causing the overall value of life extension (as a sum of individual values) to increase.”


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