6 thoughts on “It Just Got A Lot More Crowded In Low-Earth Orbit”

  1. What if one destroyed a satellite with very high velocity.
    So everything hitting satellite would be well over earth escape velocity.
    Or you need high delta-v to change inclination. So terms of km/sec difference it’s more velocity than would change inclination by more 90 degree. Somewhere around 10 km/sec difference- making lots of gases and bits going in all directions.
    Or whatever velocity they now using for impact, make it higher, something like 5 km/sec higher.

    1. Or {much harder} one clear space debris [or enemy satellites] by putting guidance on 1 meter space rocks which tend to only get close to hitting earth. And lots of them. And when ones gets near Earth have them hit space debris.

  2. “as Putin’s government is stirring up trouble on the planet below, flooding refugees into Poland, massing troops on the Ukrainian border, and threatening to cut off energy supplies to western Europe. ”

    Way to go Brandon. It is stunning how time after time Biden, as both President and as Vice President, took key actions to debilitate America and our allies while overtly and predictably strengthening our global competitors.

    Overall, good article but… there were two too many paragraphs starting with but and perhaps overused throughout. An editor should have reduced the usage of the word by 50%.

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