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  1. I agree about the lack of will, because it is no where to be seen. Not within the bureaucracy, certainly not in the current White House, nor halls of Congress. The media doesn’t care either. For the latter, I point to the story even missing from VDH. The FBI stood back and let the women of US gymnastics be molested, and the media shrugged it off as a story during the Olympics.

  2. Can it be salvaged? Like after everyone is fired and the buildings bulldozed to bare earth?

    Because the FBI only produces bad apples, you have to plant a new tree.

  3. I agree there is a lack of will to make any meaningful changes. I believe CoIntelPro and CoIntelPro II likely captured all the blackmail the FBI needed to control their future.

    1. Another reason why it’s a good idea to flip your Federal legislators after two or four terms in office. Primary’s are just as important as elections.

  4. Has the FBI achieved anything that would be considered a successful, non-political objective? I believe the FBI and 80% of the federal government (inverse 80/20 rule) should be shut down. Won’t happen, but needs to be done.

  5. “Can it be salvaged? Like after everyone is fired and the buildings bulldozed to bare earth?”

    You forgot “salt the earth”.

  6. The article is just a list of the FBI’s transgressions, with which we are all tiresomely familiar, and then a perfunctory sort of suggestion about how it might be salvaged, never addressing the headline question as to whether it can be or not.

    We don’t need any more rehashing of the “Bureau’s” legion misdeeds. Nor is the first question “can it be salvaged?” The first question is whether its existence in a constitutional republic can be justified, i.e. whether it should ever have existed in the first place.

    My opinion is “no, it should not have,” and my recommended solution is not just firing everyone, razing the buildings and salting the earth, but gathering up the salted earth, putting it in a nuclear reactor to transmute it into elements that didn’t form any part of its original form, then shooting those elements into interstellar space on a trajectory that would never allow them to contact our or any other solar system.

  7. Yes, it can be salvaged. In much the same way as a sunken ship, cut up into manageable pieces, hauled away, and melted down.

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