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  1. How can anyone take an “ensemble of computer models” seriously? This is akin to Schrodinger’s Cat Hypothesis except they are taking it seriously (Spoiler: there is only one correct result and that is what really happens and all the others are incorrect).

    1. Is that really what passes for “science” these days? Averaging out the results of various computer fantasies that can’t even predict the present based on a starting point in the past?

      1. There’s something to be said for averaging the results of a stochastic model that when run seven times yields seven different answers. After all variety is the spice of life! Just ask the Imperial College of London.

    2. Dunno. Rand is attempting to piece together functioning hardware from what appears to be an ensemble of computer parts?

  2. What all of the failed predictions and contradictions in the science show is that people pushing global warming alarmism should be more humble, less forceful, honest, and open to the possibility of being wrong. This is especially true because we currently live in one of the best climates humans have ever experienced in 300,000 years and while the future is always uncertain, a warmer Earth likely means all life thriving, not just humans, and the historical alternative to a warm climate is a cold one. We just barely got out of a million years of glaciation in the last fifteen thousand years or so.

    1. I would say the global climate when we had Sahara Desert area being forests and grassland and a larger northern forest with ice free polar sea ice, as a better climate.
      “The Holocene Climate Optimum (HCO) was a warm period that occurred in roughly the interval roughly 9,000 to 5,000 years BP, with a thermal maximum around 8000 years BP.”

      We have past our peak in terms of global climate of the Holocene Period. And warmer part of last interglacial, the Eemian, seemed nice too:
      ” The prevailing Eemian climate was, on average, around 1 to 2 degrees Celsius (1.8 to 3.6 Fahrenheit) warmer than that of the Holocene.”
      It also had a wet and green Sahara.

      1. This emphasizes that you can live a whole life and never see all of the natural variations in climate, even our current climate, and everything we experience today is within the range of natural variation.

        The second link provides the reminder that optimums don’t last forever as that one ended after 15,000 years. The current one has already gone on longer.

    2. This is especially true because we currently live in one of the best climates humans have ever experienced in 300,000 years and while the future is always uncertain, a warmer Earth likely means all life thriving, not just humans, and the historical alternative to a warm climate is a cold one.

      My take is that the same narrative would be pushed even if we were in the midst of a glacial period with half the land area of the northern hemisphere covered by ice.

      1. They would/will say we are ruining the best climate ever and must do everything to control it so it stays the same.

    3. You can’t say your computer model is wrong when asking for government $$$ to play with your computer model. You need to say the government hasn’t given you enough $$$. It’s not your fault! You’re not a quack! It’s not a scam!

      1. No, you say you need much, much more government money so your computer model can be more right (rather than less right?). Funny the more money we pump into them the more dire the predictions….

  3. Jeez you and Mr Adams along with the twerps at the Lid are reactionary, the Paper was only released the 24th of November. CNN looks like they probably posted late on the 24th and updated it the 25th at 6 AM so what do you want? Them to sit on it for a few days then someone with more the pulse on science magazine than cartoon guy will be saying CNN and the mainstream media is suppressing it and not reporting it.

    Anything that support your priors and you just fly with it eh?
    Suppose you were also vexed by “caused by a SUV”

    1. The “caused by a SUV” thing is a media trope. People on the right have been talking about it for a long long time. Surely even when you read something thousands of times you can recognize the pattern?

      In any case, the media doesn’t need to resort to blaming an SUV for a black supremacist Democrat carrying out a domestic terror attack relating to our most sacred holidays. They will just stop reporting on it just like they do all other such instances of Democrats acting out their deranged ideology and murdering people.

  4. You’d think that with two authors they could avoid sentences like this:

    “When people watch football, the first wave of Christmas specials, or stuffing their faces with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and other food goodies.”

    Well, sentence fragments like that.

    1. Well in there defense Doc looks like 1 wrote the original for a different gig that appear to have less journalistic integrity than the Lid and then the Owner of Lid who also employs the original author, just added and edited on his own or maybe collaborated on the edits to bring it to the Lid ‘high standards’.

      Here is the corresponding paragraph from the original:
      “CNN, a former news network, decided that an absolute bombshell report that questions anthropogenic (human-induced) climate change, as well as the models that we are currently using to guide policy and funding, should be covered on Thanksgiving Day.”

      Needed to elaborate on what Thanksgiving is to its international audience. And I guess “Former News Network” is too close to be a incorrect fact and they had to make sure it was an opinion with “CNN is still called a news network, although it’s an incorrect description” to try to coincide with the about “The Lid strives to be factually accurate. If you read something in a post you think is incorrect (facts not opinion),”

      1. It really bothers you when people make fun of DNC propaganda outfits doesn’t it? Remember, they aren’t lying to us, we aren’t their audience. They are lying to you.

        When they fabricate deceits, withhold information, and outright lie about events, they aren’t trying to sucker and manipulate people on the right. People like you are the target. They think you are dumb and will fall for every little crazy think they say. They hold you in contempt.

    1. 72 degrees with 50 inches of annual rainfall.

      Anything less than that is unlivable due to cold temperatures, and anything more than that is unlivable due to hot temperatures. There are only a few spots on the planet that meet the necessary conditions.

      Unfortunately humans are adapted for extremely hot temperatures, ones most animals can hardly tolerate, which is why we’re upright, hairless except on top, and covered in sweat glands. We had to learn an enormous amount of tricks to let us survive outside the blazing heat of the African sun, and our existence at these ice age temperatures is extremely difficult, at best.

    2. For last 2 million years, Earth has been cooler, and she has evolved polar bears and the modern humans.
      The humans are numerous which is bit unexpected since they are a tropical creature. And the world is less tropical. The humans live in houses and burn a lot stuff in order to be warmer.
      Tropical zone {which is about 40% of Earth surface} has roughly stayed around the same temperature, and its the higher latitudes which have become a lot colder in the winter and such colder seasons encourage animals migrate towards the tropics before the winter arrives. Humans have built large non moveable cities and burn a lot stuff to keep warm.

  5. Until the Omicronian Communist Party stops building coal power plants, I won’t spend my time thinking about the issue at all.

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