4 thoughts on “On The Road Again”

  1. I broke my leg in Moab when I was a kid, back in the 50s. I was run over by a bicyclist, ironically enough. I lived in the uranium mining camp in La Salle Creek canyon, now a bird sanctuary and superfund site.

      1. My little friends and I once stumbled upon a pool of some kind of oil. It proved to be warm as bathwater, so we jumped in. Sometime later, I heard someone scream “Holy fuck!” and looked up to see my Dad and his coworkers running toward us. I stood up and said, “Dad! It’s really *warm!*” Turned out it was also radioactive.

        My Mom was a really good cook (though I think pitchblend was not one of her usual ingredients). She pursued her talents and ended her career as executive chef for a convent. At her funeral, the mother superior told me they were all very sad when she retired. They also lost weight and stopped being known as the Very Fat Nuns…

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