4 thoughts on “Dave Barry”

  1. I really needed this, thanks for linking to it. Barry is as funny as ever. I particularly like the escalating achievements of the Perseverance rover on Mars, and of Tom Brady.

    1. I think his year-in-review bit is getting long in the tooth. Kind of like people sending out Christmas newsletters to their friends, and then people sending out satire versions of Christmas newsletters, which were funny maybe in 1989 but we have long gotten the joke so move on.

      His remarks on Mr. Trump’s exit from Washington when there was no one there to answer the intercom is SNL level of a funny riff on the Trump Presidency. Alec Baldwin mean-spirited funny.

      Yeah, I take things too seriously and cannot enjoy a little poking of fun, but does anyone think that Alec Baldwin can ever get a job in front of a camera or an audience being funny? Does anyone think that he will ever get up at that Correspondents’ Dinner and make self-deprecating remarks about himself while roasting the presidential guest of honor? He may work again, but I really don’t think he will ever do that kind of work ever again.

      1. I heard that Alec Baldwin’s agent notified him that he was notified that he wouldn’t be hosting the Oscars this year. His response was “Well, shoot!”

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