5 thoughts on “Left Versus Right Sponsors”

  1. I hate identity marketing. Am I buying your coffee because it is good or because you are a vet trading on sympathy?

    Most of the time, nearly 100%, companies market off identity because their products are not good enough to stand out or stand on their own.

    Democrats at least have decades of work into this to not look cringe but companies that do this on the right are absolute dogshit when it comes to the craft of marketing. BRCC is the pinnacle but even then, they fall back on appeals to sympathy. The bigger your brand gets, the less the sympathy angle works.

    The freedom dirt line of marketing is terrible and must not work well since there is a constant churn of grifters going in and out of business.

    This is how you know Trump wasn’t serious about starting a social media company. The need is there. The demand is there. But when a name like Truth is chosen, it shows the inability to reach that market.

    1. The point you may be missing is that the only companies sponsoring conservative causes are small family owned ones. The left wing dude has every fortune 500 company on the planet throwing money at him and he’s more than willing to suck their dick in exchange while spouting the standard left wing platitudes.

  2. Ads are buying shelf space.
    And shelves are full of junk.
    People buy a lot junk.
    The people who buy the most junk on the shelves is
    the target audience of the ads.
    Though it seems ever evolving, as TV stars, get paid
    in part, in ad shelf space, and seems mostly to related
    to Right, where there is “stars” and the left has bunch losers
    flaks who owned the corporation- which rather not have “stars”.
    Or they want to own all the shelf space.
    Left may be overly paid slaves or perhaps have some rights as employees of the company. In any case, they are talking monkeys
    and monkey show will end.

  3. Ayn Rand called it in both Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. Big businesses use the media and government to push regulation that squeezes competition and protects big business. 80 years later, little has changed.

  4. Pillows, gold & silver, nutritional supplements and pain relief! What more do you need for sponsorship? (That’s not illegal in 49 states?)

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