The Zero-Covid Problem

It never made sense, and they’re starting to recognize it (partly because they know how much failure to do so will accentuate the electoral disaster for the Democrats in ten months). But they’ll never apologize:

After two years of this exhausting disaster, it does finally seem as if the light is appearing through the dark fog. We are slouching our way to endemicity. Over time, too, the wisdom and reasonableness of the Great Barrington Declaration will be widely granted. Not yet but in time.

It’s too bad that we aren’t hearing apologies. We aren’t hearing people admit that they were wrong. We are seeing none of these experts who said they would give us a Covid-free world if we just let them control our lives and take our liberties. I do think such apologies right now would take the country and the world a long way down the path to healing.

What we have instead is a traumatized people who wonder what the heck hit them for the last two years. It’s bad enough to deal with a nasty virus. It’s far worse to deal with the sudden end of the stream of life as we know it and then have nothing to show for it.

One thing we may have to show for it is a dramatically new Congress.

[Update a while later]

The laptop class gets covid.

[Tuesday-morning update]

Dan Hannan: We must accept this as an endemic disease.

[Update Wednesday afternoon]

This Joe Rogan interview is amazing. The pharmas planned it. And our public-health authorities (and the media) are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands because they discouraged treatment.


[Thursday-afternoon update]

The hell of Zero Covid.

As he notes, the primary task at this point is to regain our liberty, but I don’t trust the current government officials to allow it. We’ll simply have to take them back.

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  1. Maryland has one of the highest vax rates 92% and their hospitals are currently being overrun with covid patients. over 80% of them are unvaxed… so the 8% unvaxed are the vast majority that are over running the hospitals.

    1. What is a “covid patient”? Hospitals may be overrun with people who had delayed treatment because of covid panic, and happened to have covid. Fauci himself has said that many people who are dying “with covid” are dying from something else. Not to imply that we can rely on anything that Fauci says…

      1. Fauci himself has said that many people who are dying “with covid” are dying from something else. Not to imply that we can rely on anything that Fauci says…

        Hey what do you want? It only took him Science a year to come around to that conclusion.

    2. Are you one of those healthcare is a right Democrats who wants to strip people of their healthcare or force them to take whatever fad treatments Democrats are into that day?

      If we are pointing fingers, Progressive Marxist Democrats working in the federal government illegally partnered with the communist slave nation of China to experiment on making novel coronaviruses more transmissible in humans. At no point did we get an apology. Instead the same people responsible for the virus enacted totalitarian measures that were ineffective and did massive damage to our society.

      This same party denigrated the vaccines and also prevented their release prior to the election. How many lives would have been saved had Democrats not been anti-vax and also not been corrupt POSs that wanted to see people die by the tens of thousands rather than let a vaccine go public because the Trump admin was responsible for it?

      1. That was a few days ago, so I hope Vladislaw got the message. The Party line on Bat Flu Cooties has changed. Since it seems that the numbers actually are saying those testing positive (which isn’t the same as being sick, by the way) have dutifully followed the Party orders, it’s okay now to test positive, and no longer necessary to shame the non-cooperative.

  2. I’m not as optimistic about Congress going Republican in 2022. Two problems: there is very little difference between the parties, and a growing number of citizens recognize that, and have stopped voting at all. My wife and I are in that category. Can you say(without gagging) Mitch McConnell?
    The other problem is that I don’t see those in power giving it up voluntarily. The meme “There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This” applies.
    As to ending the mandates and everything, I’m still being told that without the Needle O’Death, I cannot find any professional employment, despite over 35 years experience as a CAD designer. The contract agencies are telling me to send the vax certificate, let them verify the form, and then they’ll look at my resume.

    1. I’m not an optimist about Congress turning Republican either, but that’s because I’m seeing what redistricting is doing. The 25 Democrats stepping down are not necessarily in districts that will flip red. There is just a good possibility Republicans will win enough to get the majority, but not nearly enough to do anything.

      On the “do anything”, I get your point, but disagree about nor voting at all. I live in Texas, and if we didn’t have Republican leadership of the State, we would be just like California and New York. The evidence is at the metropolitan level, where Austin is just as bad as Portland and San Francisco. Houston would be as bad, but the local police forces haven’t completely lost their mind, as has the Soros judges in Harris County. But here’s the thing, Harris County flipped red to blue because Republicans voters stayed home. The result was Soros judges and a DA (who just isn’t quite as batshit crazy as other Soros DAs). Part of staying at home was a week county level GOP, which led to McConnell like disappointments.

      Still, I don’t think McConnell type Republicans are dumb enough to suggest shoplifting shouldn’t be prosecuted. Then again, I’ll admit Ted Cruz statements yesterday were nearly as dumb.

  3. Related, as another facet of the crumbling facade of institutionalized science, Ernst Mayr has been nominated to join Ronald Fisher and E.O. Wilson among the cancelled.

    Read the comments there, which are at least as good as the original post.

  4. I wouldn’t be so sanguine about the route the Democrats will suffer in 2022. Redistricting in several states has given Democrats at least 24 additional guaranteed House seats, completely undoing the recent announcement of 24 Democrat representatives’ retirement from the House. We are still in extreme danger.

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