The Absurd Melodrama Of 1/6

Thoughts from Instapundit and Glenn Greenwald.

I cannot figure out if Glenn Greenwald has changed, or I have, but I agree with him much more than I used to.

[Update a few minutes later]

Seven lies about the event.

Only seven?

[Update a few more minutes later]

Talk about histrionics.

[Update a while later]

Eight times leftists broke into government buildings and “assaulted democracy.”

[Update a while later]

I do not believe this story.

6 thoughts on “The Absurd Melodrama Of 1/6”

  1. I cannot figure out if Glenn Greenwald has changed, or I have, but I agree with him much more than I used to.

    Perhaps your level of trust in government has sunk to his?

    If it’s any comfort. So do I.

  2. Jan. 6th is nothing but the new Russia Collusion hoax. Its stated goal is only different because Trump isn’t in office to be removed, but it is still to keep Trump from being in office. The rest of it is bullshit on the face of it, and everyone not partisan sees the bullshit. Those on the right that go along with it simply have other partisan goals.

    As for Gleen Greenwald, like Ted Cruz will never be able to walk back calling Jan. 6th a terrorist attack, Greenwald will never be able to walk back his comments about Sarah Palin. Anyone can say something that I can agree, but agreement on a subject is not universal trust on other matters.

    However, I will give Greenwald credit on Snowden. He was right on Snowden more than I was. I still think Snowden violated the law, but nothing Snowden did compares to what Hillary did and what later we learned Obama and the Intelligence Community did in regards to Russia Collusion. Had Snowden done the right thing, we likely would never have known his name or what message he was trying to send while he rotted away in prison.

    1. More like a repeat of the Burning of the Reichstag and used similarity to silence opposition and seize even more power.

  3. If the USA had a rational political culture the abortion industry would not have been able to rebrand themselves as “pro-choice” and their opponents as “anti-choice”.

  4. Schumer, Pelosi and Biden are jealous that they can’t be like Erdogan…?? All Conservatives are Gulenists and can be rounded up and jailed indefinitely?

  5. They seem to be getting away with it so far unfortunately; I heard Joe Biden describe them in his speech as “armed” insurrectionists. First time I heard they were armed; nary a peep of protest at that description from the main-stream media. “Armed” with signs, spray paint cans, box-cutters maybe?

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