10 thoughts on “The Democrats’ Latest Corrupt Chicanery”

  1. Almost sounds like a Babylon Bee Story:

    Congress to pass blank bill for President Biden to sign…

    In an 11th hour move to avoid the filibuster, Congressional Democrats crafted a blank bill for the Biden Administration to sign. Originally designed as a stop-gap spending measure to provide funds to allow congressional pages to upgrade their pagers to smartphones, the original language was stripped in House conference and replaced with a blank sheet of paper with the italicized words along the margin saying “to be filled in by White House”. A version having been previously passed by the Senate and referred to the House conference had amended the language in the previous version sent up from the House to smart phones from flip phones. The hope is that when the new version is sent back to the Senate it will pass in a simple voice vote to be held at 3am.

    1. “Almost sounds like a Babylon Bee Not the Bee Story:”


      They wouldn’t do it twice would they? How will they get SCOTUS to say voting is a tax?

      1. They wouldn’t do it twice would they? How will they get SCOTUS to say voting is a tax?

        Well we have to pass the bill, before we can write it.

  2. I suspect Sinema and Manchin won’t go for this. How would they keep it quiet when you know Republicans will make a stink about it. For certain, Sinema would be made to answer for it.

  3. The weakness of Dem party has to be at all time low.
    Can one even say, that the Dem party support space exploration?

    1. NASA has been one of the few areas where Republicans and Democrats generally get along, so it is especially sad to see them do this to NASA.

  4. I just tried to post this information at Steve Turley’s You Tube channel twice; it disappeared withing seconds both times.


    GOP Could Win Biggest Majority Since the Depression!!!

    They (the GOP) won’t take over if the dems manage to pass the “For the People Act” (effectively dead); but it has metastasized into other bills.

  5. Awesome, really. I’ve never seen a clearer expression of the fact that today’s politicians think of the US Government as something _in their way_: just a barrier to them doing what they want, just a thing to be gotten past.
    Anyone involved in this needs to leave the Government or be thrown out. They no longer believe in the system that they parasitize.

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