3 thoughts on “Biden’s Plan For Scientific Integrity”

  1. What happens when a cabal takes over academia?
    My older sister had a Ph.D. in Education and her thesis was unpublished. Why? At the time the Education field was madly in love with the works of Dr. Jean Piaget, a Swiss child psychologist. A person that, as my sister acidly put it, “refined his theories on child education for ‘the masses’ by teaching at an elite academy for multilingual diplomats’ children”.
    It doesn’t matter if you are Right when the Establishment doesn’t want to give you a hearing.

  2. Speaking of the Biden administration’s scientific acumen, we must give them credit where credit is due;

    They’ve just announced a program whereby you can order at-home tests for the Wuhan virus. I’ve long supported at-home testing, so this caught my attention. So too did the expected delivery time; just 7 to 12 days because it’s via the post office! Wow, that means that if I notice some symptoms, I can order my test, and get it barely a week after I’ve recovered!

    Of course, they don’t have the test kit stocks to manage even this, so I’d probably get an IOU and then the test kit sometime next year, but that’s just as good, right?

    What a magnificent plan! Is that following the science, or what?

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