One thought on “The Vaccine Aristocrats”

  1. Democrats always say other people are violent but when we look at COVID hysteria acts of violence, they are predominantly carried out by Democrats. As a whole, Democrats have failed to act with character and integrity in a tough situation.

    ” the endless campaign of maladroit scolding almost seems designed to make fence-sitters refuse the shot out of spite, confusion, or both.”

    The old question of malice or incompetence but I’m coming down on the side of malice because everything Democrats do make interpersonal relationships worse. They want societal strife and will create it where none exists because it furthers their goal of replacing our form of government with Progressive Marxism.

    “While the shame campaign has been a catastrophe as public health strategy, it has been effective as aristocratic misdirection, a way to keep the public’s eyes off the vault. Maybe that’s what it’s for.”

    Notice here that Taibbi isn’t including the “yokels” as a part of the public. They exist outside of it to him still. The “yokels” are not the audience of the DNC media. The “yokels” are not the ones they are trying to manipulate. The “yokels” do pay enough attention to see what other people are doing and have noted the conduct of the Democrats.

    Let’s pretend that the planet is a ship going through an ocean instead of space and we are sinking. There are lifeboats but not enough as some were damaged by copper thiefs who keep getting arrested and set free with no bail or prison time. How many Democrats would dress up like women and/or children to get on the lifeboats first? How many fights would they start?

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