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  1. It was pretty ham-fisted. I didn’t want to, but my wife had heard it was good, so we did. You’re not missing out on anytthing.

  2. I thought it was pretty good and recommend it. It skewers the media, tech moguls, politicians and their minions in a way that is sometimes comical and sometimes eerily familiar. I can see how some people might think it was ridiculous or overdone but, maybe because I’m so jaded about politics, I found a lot of it to be basically on target. YMMV but to me it was more of a tragedy than a farce and makes a point worth thinking about.

      1. OK, I didn’t go see Avatar, either.

        As to the climate analogy, the review I read of this flic stated that the dramatic tension was between the scientists who wanted to deflect the comet/asteroid and the industrialists who wanted to deflect it a little bit so they could reap the bonanza of trillions of dollars in mineral resources.

        Is it just me, but doesn’t that present an interesting moral/ethical/scientific/social dilemma? What if you could, say, continue to exploit a mineral resource that yes, lined the pockets of the Big Bad Industrialists but was also a boon to mankind, there was a way to do this without Ending Life on Earth, but there was a small margin for error?

        This is not the way the Climate Crisis is presented. The Narrative is there is no upside to continued use of hydrocarbon fuels and only endless downside.

    1. Hmm, had the roles be reversed and instead of playing to the bigoted stereotypes Democrats have for other human beings and the movie made fun of Democrats, it would still be a bad movie because malicious insults get old after a few minutes.

      It all comes down to the old joke, do what I say or everyone will die. It’s a trope but Democrats actually believe it, no matter how many decades come and go without the apocalypse happening. How many of them realize that they are being deceived and manipulated? Are they in on the joke or are they the joke?

      When they irrationally believe everything is life and death, it opens the door to all kids of horrific behavior, behavior we have seen from Democrats over the last six years. Morality, integrity, and basic respect for other humans beings ceases to exist.

      This bigoted movie says more how how horrible Progressive Marxist ideology is than some irrational sensational fear/hate mongering point about climate.

      TBH, I’m rather tired of all the dehumanizing, bigoted, and racist rhetoric coming from the left especially when couple with literal mob violence in real life as well as the fusion of Progressive Marxist government with Progressive Marxist business to abuse the populace with the powers of both.

  3. I didn’t get the climate change metaphor, but I agree with aghast, it painted the politicians, media and sheeple in a scathing way that bears some resemblance to reality.

    I like seeing DiCaprio playing a schlub.

    The Sweet Meteor of Death ending was good, as was the Aspergian Tech Mogul.

    1. DiCaprio wasn’t playing a schlub, he is a schlub. The aspect of the movie that had the least credibility for me was that the pasty and doughy DiCaprio was designated the “sexy scientist” when Jennifer Lawrence was sitting right next to him in nearly every scene. Preposterous. The man is 47 and well on the way to being the next Val Kilmer in the lost looks department. He barely managed to look better than Jonah Hill in Don’t Look Up.

      1. I agree, he didn’t have to dig deep to bring out his schlubby self. And yes to him going the way of Kilmer or Brendan Fraser.

      2. “The man is 47 and well on the way to being the next Val Kilmer in the lost looks department.”


  4. According to Wikipedantry:

    the film is a satire of government and media indifference to the climate crisis.

    The idea that government and the media (BIRM) is “indifferent” to the climate “crisis” is certainly worthy of satire, but that doesn’t sound like what this movie is about.

    1. To sum up the movie:
      – The world is going to end
      – All these people we don’t like are subhuman and are the cause of everything wrong in the world
      – Look at how we are infallible omniscient supreme beings

    2. Holy mother… I had to check that; yes, accurate:
      and the film is a satire of government, political, and media indifference to the climate crisis.
      “Media indifference to climate change”. To whoever wrote that, self-awareness really is your friend, regardless of what the voices are telling you.

  5. Having read the tweet thread, there is no other conclusion than Manley is an anti-science tool of big oil. Questioning methods and data is NOT allowed.

    But wasn’t he just critizing the plot details of a movie? Well, look at the replies to see how being critical of a movie that preaches Progressive Marxism is handled. No one even has to say what the real disagreement is, poking holes in the science of movie about apocalyptic global warming is no different than critizing the science the Millerians hold as sacred scrolls.

    It is a great illustration of the ideology in real life. I don’t care about the details because it is the right thing to do anyway and all of the people who don’t convert need punished.

  6. The director is known to have conventionally center-left political opinions. Global warming movies have already been made. There is no need for subtlety. Maybe it really is a SMOD movie and the leftist movie critics patting themselves on the back are the ones who won’t look up.

  7. I find that most film and TV SF is crap, the exceptions being when they take an old story and don’t mess with it.

    1. True, it is hard to find good sci-fi and even when there a show someone likes, there is a good chance most of the population won’t.

  8. I skimmed through it on Netflix, because why not. I may have missed a few plot points like “can’t we hide in caves”… but the core stupidity is so mind-bogglingly stupid that… I just can’t. It felt like a bad remake of Ooops Apocalypse crossed with Meteor, except stupider than both.

    That said, the SFX are nice enough, and the opening scene is worthwhile. The otherworldly ending was… well deserved.

  9. I would love to look up, but it’s not a matter of don’t but can’t.
    Not since the Day After Tomorrow trapped me underneath a mile of ice.

  10. OK, I fast-forwarded and watched the last 5 minutes, pretty funny (fair warning: some disgusting nudity). Mark Rylance is a riot, somewhat channeling his character in Ready Player One.

  11. Originally planned not to see it because of the climate message I’d heard about. It could be read that way, but I thought it was much more about politics, media, and tech. I would recommend it for some grim humor.

    It was a Bronteroc.

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