9 thoughts on “Yvette Mimieux”

  1. Wasn’t she in that Disney classic movie “The Black Hole”, that sci-fi astro-physics thriller?

  2. In 1964, she became what is believed to be the first actress to show her naval on an America TV show

    Fascinating, over 4 years prior to All Our Yesterdays.
    Just checked, Mariette Hartley is still kicking, at 81, so a close contemporary.
    Of course Nichelle Nichols (Mirror, Mirror) and Nancy Kovack (A Private Little War) were before that, but the latter was simple oversight, and the former was subterfuge.

    OK, maybe the mahko root had something to do with the oversight.

  3. One of the great beauties of show business history.

    One at a time, the goddesses of my long-fled youth depart, stage left.

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