3 thoughts on “Democrats Warn”

  1. Democrats are playing the role of the burglar who was prevented from stealing something and who then cries about how he was robbed.

    1. Good quip, but not quite right. They weren’t prevented from stealing something. There are just being prevented from making their theft a routine lawful event.

  2. They (the democrats) aided by the media have largely succeeded in convincing a vast swath of the populace that returning to pre-Covid19 election rules is tantamount to “jim crow”. That legislatures (other than Congress) taking back their article 2 authority to govern how elections are run in their respective states is “jim crow”. No mass mail in ballots sent to be people who didn’t request them, automatic voter registration even for those who didn’t ask for it or want it etc. If you want to vote you have to show up and identify yourself in person with a picture ID and be registered ahead of time so said registration can be vetted; absentee (mail in ) ballots available only on request for specific reasons. All of those standard (until now) practices form many decades both here and in other western democracies are now “jim crow”. So far they seem to be winning as far as how it is being framed by the main-stream press; not sure if the bulk of the public sees it that way.

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