5 thoughts on “We Need To Talk About The Vaccines”

  1. Good to see recognition of the major problems with the vaxx and how it’s been handled. Still some professional level gas-lighting going on in that article. Way too much deference to suspect industry level studies rather than independent ones. Whether intentional or not, the writer has his own biases.

  2. Outside of the documented myocarditis, Malone’s and McCullough’s objections seem based on their reasoned conjecture. They have credentials, reputation and experience that make considering their arguments reasonable. The immediate resort to ad hominem attacks and appeal to authority by their detractors is incredibly suspicious.

    But wait, mRNA vaccines are a completely novel technology so it turns out that the assurances of long term safety are also based on reasoned conjecture. This reasoned conjecture is apparently divine writ and not to be questioned by mere mortals or scientists not initiated into the supreme conclave.

    The trade off was between having a possibly flawed vaccine in time to affect the course of the epidemic and either a vaccine that might have taken years to develop and possibly more years to produce in the quantity necessary or none at all.

    I’d be willing to bet that myocarditis doesn’t seem to be a minor complication to those that get it. 1:6000 seems close to the rate that young healthy men have serious outcomes from the virus.

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