The January 6th Narrative

…is starting to unravel.

“After the Republicans win the midterm elections, they should keep the January 6 committee in place — but under new management.  San Fran Nan’s committee set a few precedents that should be very useful.  The minority party has no rights.  Committee members are subject to the approval of the Speaker of the House.  Executive privilege is a thing of the past.  Any member of the opposing party is also fair game.  The Republicans should subpoena Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray, and Nancy Pelosi.  I’m dying to see how Granny Boxwine does under questioning from Ted Cruz…”

[Update a few minutes later]

They are sowing the wind.

7 thoughts on “The January 6th Narrative”

  1. Regards Swalwell’s fugitive anon-amour: I have a more G rated euphemism, modeled after that pop 70’s kids’ movie featuring Dick Van Dyke: Tippy, Flippy, Fang Fang

  2. I saw a video of Ashli just before she was executed and she was standing in a group of cops and they were all joking and laughing with each other. A minute later, she was executed.

    There was some violence on J6. It shouldn’t have happened. But the narrative that it was all violence isn’t true. In many cases, the cops let protesters through and were not combative toward but rather encouraging to the protesters.

    Kent State is infamous in our history. In every single protest Democrats engage in, the conduct of LE is scrutinized. Did they use pepper spray at the right/wrong time? Did they endure enough missiles, explosions, and blunt force trauma before responding to the protesters? Did their presences create the violence? Did they cross the line from protecting property to removing Democrats from the streets?

    The conversation we never had was, did the cops justly execute the protester? The people most concerned with police conduct at protests celebrate the execution of a protester. One of the J6 narratives put to rest is that Democrats care about human rights and the conduct of law enforcement. And when Democrats lack the integrity to speak out about the murders of political opponents, they certainly don’t have enough integrity to prevent them from cheating in an election.

  3. The new committee should subpoena former Congressperson Cheney, as well. Without congressional immunity.

  4. “The minority party has no rights. Committee members are subject to the approval of the Speaker of the House.” Ridiculous. The other side is doing that because they have no real case and can’t afford to have it examined. Do exactly the opposite. Make the case clearly and in public. Get all the videos – and release them.

  5. The problem is that the Dems with their media allies have successfully convinced a broad swath of the American viewing public that Trump was/is such an existentialists threat to democracy & the republic that just about any measure to “get him”, “hold them/him accountable” is now considered acceptable if not actually virtuous. Witness how Biden in his recent address to the nation on the subject referred to the “insurrectionists” as being “armed” with nary a quiver of protest from anyone. For the better part of over a year we saw footage showing them yes unruly, raucous but disarmed trespassers, but one semi-coherent biden speech and suddenly they are not armed insurrectionists.

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