7 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson, and Vladimir Putin”

  1. Neither are wrong and I wonder how well the West really understands Putin. It could very well be the foreign policy establishment has their heads up their butts and are only making a difficult relationship worse.

    Perhaps there is a way to deal with Putin other than always expanding NATO, maybe wars against Russia in former soviet states, and giving them power over our allies through corrupt energy deals?

    Everyone at state department needs to be fired.

    1. I suspect Putin has seen how dangerously incompetent our US intelligence agency has become and realizes he can both shore up his national resources and create a buffer from the US internal political stupidity. If a corrupt spy can write an intelligence report born of ramblings of a couple of drunks at a bar, and then that report is believed by the majority of the US government and half the citizenry; then it is possible some other corrupt spy could write some bullshit that would lead to war.

  2. It’s downright scary to contemplate the possibility of a polar shift Marxist vs Conservative, or longitudinally, East To West, West to East.

    Putin is certainly no conservative in the Reagan sense, but he isn’t suffering from a self-inflicted anal awakening either and firmly rejects Bolshevism. Something the West appears rushing to embrace by re- framing history along with adopting cancel culture. How long before words start to be banned and new ones appear, like doublethink? Check your microaggressions, bro….

  3. A war that involves Russian conquest of Ukraine and throwing NATO out of Poland and Romania, plus PRC taking Taiwan and neutralizing Japan, might be the only thing that can wake up the American voters. If we’re lucky. Or maybe when Blinken and Nod surrender to Putin and Xi, we’ll just put on our pink pussy hats and bend over.

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