10 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s Terrible Mistake”

  1. We have no legitimate national security interest in the Ukraine, or Kazakhstan, Georgia, etc. This is just another neocon setup to spill blood and money in pursuit of globalism.

      1. Yes, that is the dementia talking. The Dems are a slow-motion train wreck and I’m enjoying that aspect..

      2. Exactly. While no one really thinks Ukrainian sovereignty is worth risking Western lives over, it was imprudent for the President of the United States to say so out loud.

        1. The choice laid out in the media seems to be between doing nothing and going to war. There are infinite possibilities of action between those two options.

          Surely there are things that can be done to help Ukraine and/or thwart Russia short of war.

    1. How can you say that the Biden family investment portfolio with Burisma isn’t a national security interest?

      1. Hey c’mon man! It’s easy. Look, when I was VP, I hold back a few billion to get a foreign prosecutor fired, that’s okay. My predecessor on the other hand, held back nothing to get a foreign prosecutor hired and that’s an impeachable offense. Since I got elected, no Ukrainian art museum has purchased any of Hunter’s art. Therefore a minor incursion to resolve the matter seems perfectly in order. You get it? Look, read what I said! You call yourself a blogger? I see you like to post here, so obviously you like to write.* – Brandon

        *George I don’t think with you this is necessary, but for everyone else who reads this —-> 🙂

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