Physical Child Abuse

in NYC public schools:

Adams’s gag-inducing new policy of swapping out food for colon-blow roughage and mashed yeast is a declaration of food war. As if we didn’t have enough wars going on— the woke wars, the COVID wars, the language wars and the info wars and the streaming wars. The hell with peas, give peace a chance.

It’s also a religious war: Eric (like Bill Clinton, another member of the militant vegan brigades) used to be fat, got thin, and is now an evangelist for the cause. Good for you, Eric! But don’t force your cauliflower patties and cheese-less tacos on the kids. It’s been a horrible two years for them: haven’t they suffered enough?

Or is this just a back door way of ensuring they don’t take their masks off even at lunch, because no one wants to eat yam stew?

I wonder how many New Yorkers are fine with this? Or if it will result in more emigration to Florida?

2 thoughts on “Physical Child Abuse”

  1. Praise the brussel sprouts and pass off another Congressional district to a RedFree-State. Eric, keep it coming!

  2. They will most likely raise a generation of adults that will vomit at the sight and smell of the food they are serving. I still get queasy at the smell of sauerkraut after the godawful ‘kraut and beans’ from grade school lunches.

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