10 thoughts on “From The Truckistan Hellscape”

  1. It’s a dystopia up here I tell ya… they’ve got bouncy castles for the kids, hundreds of cowboys on horseback joining the truckers at the border in Alberta, and they’re draping a Canadian flag on the statue of Terry Fox!

    The horror. The horror.

  2. People need truckers far more than they need politicians and bureaucrats, and both sides know it. That must scare the bejebus out of the political parasite class. This could threaten their phony baloney jobs.

    1. Last time I checked, Manhattan Beach wasn’t trying to run the lives of the rest of the country. Demonstrations are going to happen in a nation’s capital. If you don’t like that, don’t live there.

      But we understand that you’re not smart enough to understand that.

      BTW, thank you for the birthday greetings. 🙂

      1. “BTW, thank you for the birthday greetings.”

        Sorry Rand I didn’t wish you a happy birthday either no offense “Happy Birthday” (belatedly). Stopped celebrating mine pretty much years ago; never married don’t have any kids. To make amends I found this follow-up to your story featuring the work of Dr Greg Fahy who I also follow:

        Biological Age Reversal

        Dr. Greg Fahy gives an update on the TRIIM-X clinical trial at EARD 2021.

        The TRIIM-X clinical trial aims to understand how to create a personalized thymus regeneration regimen. By regenerating the thymus, the researchers hope to be able to prevent or reverse certain aspects of immune system aging.


        Wishing all of us here many more birthdays!

      2. But these protestors are inconveniencing the government. That’s far worse than destroying regular people’s property. /sarc

    2. I am sympathetic about the noise but I am not sympathetic to people who shout obscenities in your ear from inches away with a bullhorn complaining about it. People who regularly shut down roadways so they can physically abuse drivers don’t get to complain when someone honks horns.

      I suspect the people linked are just lefties bent out of shape because they can dish it out but not take it. Also, judging by the support, a lot of people don’t mind a little noise.

      Democrats, and their international branches, do lound protests in residential areas all the time, so maybe Progressive Marxists need to keep their mouths closed and fingers still now.

  3. Wow, it’s shocking that those truckers are honking their horns! I support the right to peacefully protest, but this is too much. And, as we learned from CNN and others, you can’t have a peaceful protest without mass looting, arson, and of course literally terrorizing residents.

    So, unless those truckers loot and burn down central Ottawa, this simply cannot be considered a peaceful (or even, to quote CNN, “fiery but mostly peaceful”) protest.

  4. At the end of the day, the police officers, the security detail folks and yes, even the Army guys have to go home an live amongst their neighbors. Even Boris Yeltsin understood as much….

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