8 thoughts on “The Revolution Isn’t Over”

  1. Yup, the guy nails it.

    “3. Social atomization hasn’t reversed.”

    This isn’t necessarily bad. It is a reflection of people pursuing their desires but how to turn these new associations to operate in some of the same areas as the previous ones? And while individuality is currently being weaponized against the individual, individuality isn’t something that Progressive Maxism tolerates very well, so will work against them in the long run, assuming that people take intentional actions to combat Progressive Marxism.

    I think there is hope for the future. While a Progressive Marxist mode of thinking arises naturally in humans who don’t think very well, the opposite is true too and when problems become apparent, there will be people whose nature demands they try and solve them and the manner in which these people appear can be nurtured but not predicted. We could call them happy little accidents but just like being lucky, we need to help create the environment for them to succeed.

    Culture, civics, and education all shape people. Government is a mechanism for control but it doesn’t make people, good people anyway. It is time for people on the right to make a broader appeal than politics and to engage in activities other than voting and since Progressive Marxism is a global movement, people on the right need to act globally and not just locally.

    1. World divided between people controlled like domesticated pets, and people who aren’t and will never submit to being someone’s “good little dog”

      1. And that is a hill upon which I am willing to fight, and if needed, die.

        So that my children will not have to, and can live free.

  2. I pretty much agree with the article. Wokeism is a religion bent on overthrowing modern civilization is the same way Christianity overthrew the Principate. It’s possible the only way to save the West is the immediate slaughter of the Woke. On the other hand, that didn’t work for Diocletian either. Somewhere, there’s a Woke Constantine waiting for his chance…

  3. The elites are farming human beings just like S.M. Stirling’s Draka novels only the Draka were not hypocrites and admitted that was what they were doing.

    1. “Under the Yoke” was one of the best novels published in the 1980s. I’ve known Steve for a long time, and I could wish he’d continued in that vein, but I know from painful experience you either write what the editors want, or you quit.

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