9 thoughts on “The Superbowl”

  1. I couldn’t help being happy for either team. It’s a shame one of them had to lose. Stafford and Koop put on a clinic in the 4th quarter although a key non hold holding penalty on Cinci pretty much assured the touchdown. But you could claim it was an offset for a missed face mask call in the previous half that was responsible for a Bengals touchdown. A good game. Not as good as the Buffalo/KC game but a good game nonetheless.

    What is it with the Lions franchise?

      1. You mean William Clay “Billie” Ford, Jr., great-grandson of inventor and industrialist and would-be statesman Henry Ford?

        1. Taking their cue from the automotive side of the Ford Empire, which no longer makes cars because they are no longer competitive in the car market and will only make trucks, the Detroit Lions are longer going to make passing plays, and their offense will rely entirely on rushing?

    1. I watched one Superbowl commercial — the one for Irish Spring scented deodorant soap.

      It creeped me out. It reminded me of the neo-pagans in the trailer to the horror film Midsommar.

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