3 thoughts on “Our Greatest Domestic Threat”

  1. I worry that it’s too late. That we’ve crossed a threshold of corruption that we can’t fix. I wonder if Elon Musk feels the same way? Hence the urgency to get to Mars.

  2. I saw a bit of the excerpts at Instapundit, but the opinion going with headline doesn’t work for me. Case in point:

    We rue that pro-government extremists caused immense destruction during their less-than-“peaceful protests” in 2020;

    I don’t think the Antifa protestors at any level believed they were fighting for Trump’s government. I don’t think the BLM protestors demanding “Defund the police” are pro-government.

    I get what the OpEd wants to do with the notion, but can you imagine one of the 2020 protestors reading such an opinion and going “you know, you’re right, I never considered it that way”. It seems about as honest as when we were told in 2016 that Putin swayed the election from Hillary “Reset relations with Russia [by restoring their parity to the US]” Clinton to the Republican candidate.

    I agree, pro-government extremist are a domestic threat, as they are actively destroying personal freedoms. But lines like this are silly; “In fact, pro-government extremists have infiltrated the American government, and are weaponizing the powers of the state to wage war on dissenting citizens’ liberty and livelihoods.” You mean people pro-government joined the government? What insight!

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