7 thoughts on “Ethanol”

  1. Don’t worry, we’re doubling down on the stupid here.

    -Legislation mandating E15 at every pump at every station in the state. Maximum one non-E15 pump per station. I think the most recent compromise was a maximum 50% minus one for non E15, but nonetheless it’s a significant increase in the use of ethanol in the state.

    -Headquarters for Deere and their fight against right-to-repair on their computerized tractors and combines.

    -Local media fighting to the death to keep the caucuses so that they can make budget every four years running ads.

    The loss of the caucuses can’t come soon enough. I almost want to see it happen just so I can grab my popcorn and listen to all of the doomsaying about how our little state will never amount to anything again.

    Other problem is, ADM, Ingredion, and other corn refiners aren’t only here in Iowa, they’re scattered in plenty of blue and purple states, too. Everyone in DC is in their pocket, and their hands are in everyone else’s…

    1. Turning food grains into fuel only makes food more expensive for the poorest among us. A Regressive Tax that the wealthy won’t even notice.

      1. “Turning food grains into fuel only makes food more expensive for the poorest among us.”

        Yes. Burning up your dinner in your gas tank never made any sense to me. Of course given the current problem of adult obesity in this country maybe this is someone’s idea of addressing the issue by making food more expensive.

      2. It nearly caused a revolution in Mexico, where the government supports the price of tortillas….

  2. Talk about trimming the defense budget to account for how much we spend protecting the flow of oil from overseas and you will have a point. Otherwise, stay out of my pocket.

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