9 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Quotes”

    1. I try, every day, to do what I do that day.

      I wonder how hard it would be to set up an AI-based Kamala phrase generator? I need to make it a mode in Emacs. Probably could just hack the old code in M-x yow…

      1. For that, you don’t need AI. You need AS – Artificial Stupidity. Even then, I doubt AS could match her natural stupidity.

        1. To paraphrase J. B. S. Haldane, not only is she stupider than we suppose, she’s stupider than we can suppose.

    2. Democrats don’t understand that even when they artificially increase the costs of running a car, it is still cheaper for the vast majority of people to buy that Honda Civic when considering lifetime costs. You can buy a Honda Civic and drive it into the ground, gas included, before spending as much as you would purchasing a Tesla.

      Buying a Tesla only becomes part of the cost benefit analysis when you are already planning on spending that much money.

      Some Democrat states have outlawed various ICE engines, so it will be interesting to see who can afford to buy a new car and what happens to the used car market.

  1. It really is amazing how bad she is with basic things. She isn’t dumb, so its like she just doesn’t care. But why would she? She had zero support in her party when selected to be the VP because of her race and gender. Biden is disabled and the administration must be in constant chaos but she doesn’t actually have any authority because she was selected. On top of all that, she has no political future.

    Why wouldn’t she just get drunk all day and go through the motions and cash those checks?

  2. Sad on a number of levels. Sad for her because she’s being ridiculed for her dim bulb intellect but she can do nothing about that and is forced into high pressure situations and consistently failing. Sad for the people of the US because she’s a Biden slip on a wet step from the Presidency.

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