7 thoughts on “Complete Lack Of Self Awareness”

  1. Her record shows she has been lenient to child molesters – which is a way better argument against appointment than say, an obviously trumped up unsubstantiated charge of rape from 30 years ago. Homosexual marriage and the subsequent gay normalization cum trans explosion was never voted into existence. Like legal abortion the SCOTUS found that the constitution supported it. The next step on the stairway to hell is pedophilia and apparently that’s not an issue with her.

  2. Durbin’s brain is so atrophied if an original thought popped in there his head would explode. He merely gets his talking points from Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and whoever actually runs the White House, and parrots them, like a good little democrat. Yet another great example for Congressional term limits.

  3. Everything you need to know about Democrats and how they treat people is on display in this clip. They really do think other people are just supposed to sit there and get repeatedly victimized by Democrats and never say a word about it and that how Democrats treat people has no influence on how people act toward Democrats.

    What I don’t understand is how someone can make it to advanced adulthood and still not understand basic concepts that your political opponents believe in. Democrats have been smoking their own stuff for so long they are incapable of recognizing people are different than the stereotypes Democrats use.


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