5 thoughts on “Mark Judge”

  1. “the sort that may drive the curious to the source material, which makes me look somewhat sympathetic, if not saintly.”


    Sure, people will look into the lies, and some will even disbelieve them, but the narrative is set and the people who currently control the publishing of history books wont change it. Democrats still think Bush stole the 2000 election. One reason is because people are gullible and don’t have time to do their own fact checking of every little thing and another is because the narrative is still useful the same way the attacks on Kavanagh will be useful as long as he is on the court and even after.

    I appreciate what Judge is doing. He was already in a rough spot before this happened and he should certainly do his best to turn it to his advantage. He should also try and move on.

  2. Speaking of the Kavanaugh caper, I have these distant childhood memories of eating pickled pimento loaf in a white-bread sandwich with plain yellow mustard and drinking beer from a small 1/2 cup Tupperware measuring cup. Today I don’t really like the taste of pickled pimento loaf, so I’m wondering if that is just a reconstructed memory? Who’s to say? I still like beer and mustard on white-bread however.

  3. I hope Mark Judge is successful in restoring his reputation. It looks like he was destroyed because crap splatters.

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