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  1. The incessant drive to sexualize kids is creepy. Know who never had to reckon with their history of sexual abuse like the Catholic Church did? The public school system.

    1. The incessant drive to sexualize kids is creepy.

      Absolutely right Wodun, need abolish the sex reveal parties and segregated by sex toddler clothes.
      Look here at what some would call as one of our greatest presidents. Maybe even a true American Caesar.
      Some would even say we shouldn’t even force the sex till the child can decide for themselves.

      Gawd Rand linking to a article that cites a quote that wasn’t even said about the 50% . Have to wonder what else Rufo lies about and other cite regurgitate without checking the source material almost MMFA level.

      1. “Absolutely right Wodun, need abolish the sex reveal parties and segregated by sex toddler clothes.”

        You really need to look into Progressive Marxism. They do want to end gender based clothing for kids because they believe sexuality and gender are constructed and the natural state is where kids need to have sex with each other, regardless of gender, and long before they reach puberty, Progressive Marxist adults need to train them.

        Do you really think that believing that boys and girls exist is sexualizing them and teaching them how to use anal dental dams in third grade isn’t?

        1. Seriously, Woden? “engineer” has got the whole shelf full of commie books, he/she/it has been marxing around Rand’s blog for way too many years.

      2. Look here at what some would call as one of our greatest presidents. Maybe even a true American Caesar.
        A Democrat. It obvious even at that age. I can see it plainly. Happy April 1st.

  2. The craziest thing about this is that sexual allegations against political opponents are older than humanity and sometimes they turn out to be kinda true. Democrats are the party of pedos, but its not like some satanic cult that meets in the basement of a pizza parlor.

    No, it’s a high class global child prostitution ring, like Epstein, or CNN employees, or a school teacher, an actor, or a bunch of FBI or CIA agents. It is not like all these different groups of pedos are working with each other. They just belong to the same political party.

    The accusation, Democrats are the Pedo Party, is outlandish and over the top. It is sensational. It is absurd. Wait a month and the accusations would be disproven by reality. But then Democrats keep getting busted and at the same time, they are incredibly defensive and are sticking up for pedos. So, there is this crazy sensational political attack that would normally get shrugged off as being too crazy but it’s gaining traction because Democrats keep getting busted trying to diddle little kids.

    The whole nature of this from both angles is really odd. As to why the Democrat party has such a disproportionately high number of people like this in their party is a mystery. Is it a magnate for them or does the party create them?

  3. Vox Day has been calling it the “Devil Mouse” for several years now. Appears he’s well ahead of the game.

  4. I’ve been over Disney for a while. My team at the video store knows that my attitude is “Eff Disney”. They censor, their streaming service isn’t doing us any favors, and I’ve long felt that their “Princess culture” is poisonous to the cultural development of the young ladies of the U.S. The last straw was when I went to Epcot to check out the space stuff. $85 to get in, and they fingerprinted me like some kind of criminal. No thank you, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

    Let me watch Song of the South again and sing along to Zip-a-dee-doo-dah once more, and maybe I’ll reconsider my position, but I think the company is too far gone for redemption. Then I hear about Firefly and my heart is filled with dread…

    (Yes, I do feel that the tales of Uncle Remus are an important part of our American cultural heritage, as they teach how to passively aggressively fight back against the Man, something that is important not just to the African-American community but to all communities in the U.S. That the stories come from the Black community doesn’t make them racist, nor should recognizing their value be considered such. Sure the presentation can be a bit…awkward, but that should be confronted, not hidden in the landfills of history to be forgotten. Otherwise, who can you gauge how far we’ve, uh, progressed.)

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