6 thoughts on “The Return Of The Third Horseman”

  1. 40% of American corn feeds cars, not people. A crime against humanity but then greens hate humans.

    1. Good point, Bill, but IMHO it’s even worse than that. Not only are we diverting 40% of US corn production to ethanol, but to do so we’re using more oil and oil derivatives than we’re actually replacing, so it’s a net negative when it comes to both CO2 and oil consumption.

      So, we’re going to cause mass starvation for the sake of something that does not work, even by the stated metrics of its supporters.

  2. Bill and CJ, you neglected to mention this mass starvation last year. And you forgot to figure in the CO2 emissions the world’s militaries produce protecting the flow of oil and natural gas from producer to end user. Not to mention the dollars per gallon spent on this protection of trade routes. When was the last time a train or truck full of ethanol needed military protection to get to the refinery?

    1. Art, for quite a few years, I’ve decried the indefensible idiocy of the ethanol mandate. One of my points against it has always been that diverting millions of tons of food into this program increases the price of this vital staple food, thus causing starvation in marginal populations. Seeing as you raised this point, I feel safe is assuming that you too have argued against the ethanol mandate on thse selfsame grounds… right?

      And, funnily enough, I can’t recall the “world’s militaries” expending a lot of CO2, or anything else, protecting oil produced in the US while it’s en-route to US refineries.

    2. That is the best defense of ethanol I’ve seen but there have to be better ways. For example, if someone stopped the trade of a vital resource to us by attacking us our our trading partners, it would be simpler to kill/jail them than reorganize society to run off corn.

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