12 thoughts on “Stop Counting “Cases””

  1. Isn’t it amazing that we just passed through the worst bout of COVID with cases and deaths off the charts compared to when the outbreak started and yet the COVID Karens in the media have never been more sedate?

    1. Deaths were not off the charts.

      Again, looking at Wisconsin, a cold-weather state, the case rate spiked alarmingly just as the U was starting the Spring Semester.

      I look at the cumulative case and death counts, where eyeballing the slope gives a good, smoothed estimate of rate. When our Omicron spike happened, the death rate pretty much kept doing what it has been doing, which is to slope upward in the winter respiratory disease season, but at half the slope of the 2020-2021 winter.

      The slope of the death rate of the 2021-2022 winter is reduced, yes, from the Winter of Death, but the result doesn’t say much about the vaccine doing much good. It also doesn’t say much about the epidemic being over how much people are sick of masks and other restrictions and want it to be over.

      1. I don’t care about rates. I’m looking at numbers and reactions. The reactions were off the charts when the numbers were lower, meaning people were freaking out more when the outcomes were not as bad.

        Look at the totals for who got infected and died since Biden became President. The magnitude of people infected and dead was higher but the freak out was lower. Even when you look at a rate, you still have to deal with the real world numbers of people sick. So, there wasn’t anything to justify the sudden about face on how freaked out people were acting, it wasn’t rational.

        The media just stopped pumping fear and hatred. The virus didn’t go away.

        My point was just that the impacts of the virus itself are not driving policy or media coverage.

  2. Snark all you want, but here is ‘Sconsin, the case rate has dropped off to nothingness whereas the death rate persists about at half what it was in the Winter of Excess Deaths.

    I know an engineer from Germany, who with stereotypical German certainty told me, “The reason for the low case rate is that everyone is using the at-home tests and the results are not being reported.”

    1. That could very well be. No one wants to do homework for the government when they are sick.

    1. How will the emperor government maintain control?
      Fear! Fear of this battlestation new strain…

      1. Close your bank account and foreclose on your house?

        I see we (US) are now going after Putin’s daughter’s US assets (if any). Since neither have any political influence either over their father or the Kremlin, the only point of this is to have a bargaining chip when the time comes to ease sanctions. They can do it gradually to encourage “good behavior” w/o the appearance of caving to the people who matter.

        Sure they are rich, would a father do otherwise for his children? (Andrew Carnegie excepted). But what did they have to do with the Ukraine invasion? About as much as I did. But it fits in with this executive branch’s narrative of what identity politics are all about. You are guilty of crimes because of what your ancestors do, not because of what you have done. Might as well start throwing rocks through the windows of Russians living here in this country on a visa. Esp. if they are related to Putin in some way. It’s essentially the same principle.

  3. Wuhan Flu over. Shanghai Flu being held in reserve in case Ukraine Apocalypse fizzles. It tell ya, it’s boobs and simpletons as far as the eye can see. Hey Moe! Hey Larry! Gosh, Ollie…

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