22 thoughts on “Ableist Orgies”

    1. I would also not assume it’s necessarily a fetish thing. I’ve met women in wheelchairs that I’d have been perfectly happy to talk into bed.

      People don’t magically stop being attractive because their legs don’t work right, I find.

  1. For the same reason some like to have sex with midgets and amputees. The swamp dwellers are all a bunch of perverts.

    1. This. People are tittering but look what Madison Cawthorn actually said. The people inviting him are high-ranking politicians. Which means these same people have a blackmail vector.

      1. What he said was bizarre. In college I lived on the handicapped floor with all the wheelchair students. Not a single one was ever invited to an orgy.

        1. I bet not a single one was worth blackmailing either. That’s what was really going on here. He was invited to get him in a compromising situation that could be used against him later. This isn’t tough to figure out.

      2. Absolutely this. I’m convinced at this point that to get ahead in the modern world one has to be compromised somehow so as to be controllable. It’s a way to ensure compliance with the workings of the “machine”, for lack of a better word. Which begs for the question to be asked of who controls the controllers?

  2. I’m not defending the swamp, but Madison Cawthorne has a history of embellishing events. In the accident that left him paralyzed, he claimed his friend left him there to die, he claimed he was pronounced dead at the scene, and yet he his dead body was transported to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries. He said his injuries is what kept him out of the US Naval Academy despite that fact that the USNA rejected him and his poor grades prior to the accident.

  3. Well thought Cawthorne walked it back a bit. To “invited to sex party with a politicians wife” which sounds more like it was some old “Cuckservative” wanted to watch Cathorne give one of his trademark “fun rides” to their wife.
    Which sounds very on brand for the party of Denny Hastert, Newt Gingrich, Rudy G , Larry Craig, Jack Ryan, Matt Gaetz and many more.

    1. Really?

      With all of the racist corruption of the Democrats and their support of Weinstein and Clinton and the other rapists and perverts? I won’t bother with the expletives that this moronic comment deserves, because we consider the moronic source.

    2. A tit for tat of sexual impropriety between the parties would not end well for the Democrat in the conversation, especially considering the Democrats current embrace of pedophilia, bestiality, and child abuse. Rapes are common at Democrat protests and the sexual abuse that takes place at various Democrat compounds, communes, and covens is well known.

      Humans are humans and we are all prone to the same failings, which is why it is so strange to see sexual violence and abuse manifest itself in the Democrat party at disproportionate rates than they do in the general populace. Does the Democrat party attract these people or create them?

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