9 thoughts on “It’s Earth Day Again”

  1. I will worry about earth day when the people telling me to worry about earth day start acting like they worry about earth day, instead of burning ~20,000 gallons of kerosene to fly a demented pants-pooper to Seattle and back.

  2. The best part of Earth Day is the yearly reminder of all of the failed predictions over the decades and the addition of the failed predictions from the previous year.

    Get this, in WA, they outlawed plastic bags and made people pay a separate fee per paper bag but the law said something about the bag having to be reusable and this meant plastic bags could be used as long as they were reusable and the customer pays $0.08 a bag. Guess what happened?

    Did you guess the stores started using plastic bags that are 4 mil thick and are a million times more durable than the corn based biodegradable plastic bags we used before?

    At least with paper bags we came full circle back to the position normal people had before the ecofascists forced the switch to plastic, that paper is a sustainable renewable resource that should be used to our benefit and also our forests’. And it doesn’t dawn on any of these zealots that they just adopted a position they had been demonizing people for supporting for over twenty years and maybe they should apologize and act with humility. No, the people who were right are still the anti-science ones somehow.

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